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Woman reveals how you could earn $180,000 a year by donating your poo

Woman reveals how you could earn $180,000 a year by donating your poo

According HumanMicrobes, the organisation is looking for stools that are 'healthy, unperturbed and disease-resistant'.

A woman has revealed how you can earn up to US$180,000 (AUD $281,000 or £141,438) a year by donating your poo.

While many of us think of human faeces as 'waste', you could be turning those bowel movements into sweet, sweet cash if you know where to look.

A TikTok user by the name of ‘Isafidelino’, posted a video revealing the pretty extreme life hack to reel in some serious coin.

In the video, the on-screen text reads: “Wanna make $$$ donating your [poop]? I’m not lying, 1. Go to humanmicrobes.

“Click ‘Donors’. You can make $180,000 a year.”

While the idea of selling one’s excrement has us gagging instantly, we must admit that’s a hefty amount of cash.

As expected, the video had a very mixed response, as one user wrote: “AINT NO WAY. I’d be a billionare now.”

Another said: “New career prospects.”

A third revealed: “I applied like nine months ago haven't heard back at all.”

While another shared: “They only want it if you’re basically an olympic athlete. Other then that you’re not getting it.”

According to the HumanMicrobes website, the organisation is looking for ‘the 0.1 per cent of people with healthy, unperturbed, disease-resistant microbiomes'.

The reason why a company is doing a casting call for people's poo, which is officially called ‘stool donations', is actually for a very noble cause.

The organisation explains: “It is a major problem that the vast majority of people in modern society are in poor health and have damaged gut microbiomes.

Our goal is to find the fewer than 0.1 per cent of people who are healthy enough to be high quality stool donors, and connect them with doctors, researchers, clinical trials, and individuals who need to re-balance their gut microbiome.”

They continue: “We are focused on the USA and Canada, but are accepting donours from other countries, and willing to do global dry ice shipping if possible.”

They add that stool donations would then be used for research for FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant), a ‘lifesaving treatment for the deadly gut infection Clostridium Difficile’.

According to recent statistics recorded by Disease Control (CDC), Clostridium Difficile affects around half a million Americans each year.

They also revealed that approximately 29,000 patients have had fatal outcomes within the first month of diagnosis.

So, if you think you have golden dung, head to HumanMicrobes now to earn some big bucks while potentially saving lives.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Featured Image Credit: Isafidelino/TikTok. Andriy Popov / Alamy Stock Photo

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