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Woman says her husband refuses to forgive her for farting in front of him once

Woman says her husband refuses to forgive her for farting in front of him once

Sam let one rip once in nine years and now her husband Rob will not stop berating her for it.

An Australian woman has revealed her husband has been raked over the coals for farting in front of her husband of nine years, and now he won't stop shaming her for it.

Sam, named change for privacy, told Kidspot that her marriage with her husband, Rob, has been under strain ever since.

"From very early on in our relationship he made his views on this specific bodily function very clear after a night out at the pub with some friends," she told Kidspot.

He had witnessed one of her female friends burp and spent the first hour after they'd returned home berating Sam for her 'uncouth' friend.

She, unsurprisingly, made a mental note and proceeded to tiptoe around the man for nearly a decade as heaven forbid, he'd hear her body do something totally normal.

He was mortified.
Alexander Korzh / Alamy

But, eventually, it did, as she was falling asleep one night and therefore was not focused on clenching.

"'Sam, that is absolutely revolting,'" she recounted him telling her.

He then told her it was 'the most unladylike thing' a woman could possibly do 'especially in front of her husband'.

She felt humiliated and barely slept as a result.

She apologised the next morning, and while he accepted it at the time, he often brings it up to shame her.

"[It's] as if he is teaching me a lesson and making sure that I will never do it again," she "said.

He will use any reminder of what happened to really drum home that burping or farting is not acceptable for a woman to do. For example, if we watch a TV show or a film and a woman burps or farts, he reminds me how disgusting it is by making a disgruntled noise or even talking about how uncivilised it is afterwards."

Eventually, she turned to a pal to ask what to do as his refusal to move on had gotten out of hand.

She turned to a friend for advice.
Alexander Korzh / Alamy

"Instead of suggesting anything helpful she was just outraged that this was how my husband was behaving, telling me that farting and burping is a natural bodily function and that it isn’t offensive or disgusting and that I shouldn’t feel guilty about it," she said.

Experts have sided with Sam's pal, revealing that couples passing gas in front of each other can be sign of acceptance and maturity in the relationship.

Psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez stressed it is an action that shouldn't be shrouded in secrecy.

"This can also open up the dialogue to other important bodily functions that are often shamed and cause embarrassment including excretion of fluids during sex, menstruation, post-coital vaginal flatulence and bowel movements," Chavez told HuffPost.

"It is all human and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. A couple tackling this topic is setting a healthy foundation for open and honest communication."

So, Rob, a message for you: Grow up.

Featured Image Credit: Alexander Korzh / Alamy

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