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Woman Slammed For Ridiculous List Of Rules She Has For Employee

Woman Slammed For Ridiculous List Of Rules She Has For Employee

The strict list of instructions even includes what time the employee should go to bed

A woman has been slammed after sharing a very bizarre list of rules she has set for her employees. Have a look for yourself:

People were left scratching their heads when the unnamed woman's strange series of requirements were shared on Instagram.

According to the list, her staff are not allowed to 'leave the house without permission' and must follow set sleeping times.

Unsurprisingly, the rigid set of instructions, which it's thought are for a housekeeper or nanny position, did not go down well with may who came across them, with some branding them 'disgusting'.

But as well as the rules, the video posted also showed a list of 'chores' the employee must also carry out, which they can tick off as and when they are completed.

The video was posted to the page with the caption: "It took me 45 minutes to write all these rules and regulations and the helper to-do-list, can I include doing a cold call when you are free?"

The bizarre list of rules.
Jam Press

The camera then pans to a small white-board with the complete list of rules, which includes:

  • No using of phone during work hours unless we call you
  • Do not go out the house without permission
  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Only use the phone when kids are asleep. *1 hour usage*
  • Do not lock your room
  • Do not waste electricity or water
  • Only stay in the area with a camera when we are not home, unless bathing or doing housework
People online have criticised the employer.
Jam Press

The white board also states the employee must be asleep by the latest 9.30pm/10pm and up by 7am.

They are also not allowed to use the air-conditioning without permission.

After showing the list of rules, the camera quickly pans to a chores list and a dedicated calendar, which is to be filled in by the employee.

Since it was posted, many have piled into the comments to criticise the employer.

One user said: "This is so sad and disgusting."

A second commented: "Looks more like law rather than rules and regulations."

Another person blasted the boss, writing: "She’s a maid not a slave."

A third wrote: "If I were the helper I would just erase the board and quit."

While yet another added: "This is what you should do for your children not a helper wtf."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press/Alamy

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