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Woman throws divorce party to celebrate the end of her marriage

Woman throws divorce party to celebrate the end of her marriage

The 28-year-old says it was a chance to celebrate her freedom as well as thank all her friends.

A woman has decided to throw herself a party to celebrate the end of her marriage.

While some people would be shacked up in their bedroom with nothing but chocolate, ice cream and a series of rom-coms, Ilma Amin is living her best life.

The 28-year-old threw a 'glam' themed party with 30 of her closest friends after finalising her divorce earlier this year.

Guests were treated to 'divorce maids', a Taylor Swift-inspired cake, and Ilma wore a question mark ring in honour of her 'next husband'.

Kennedy News Media

"It was the most perfect night ever," she revealed. "I never got to have that white wedding, so the party was me having it.

"It was like a bachelorette party and a white wedding all at once.

"I had a full bouquet and I threw it to the next person that's going to get divorced. I had speeches, divorce maids and my best men.

"The question mark ring shows that I'm not done. I'm obviously going to get married again, so who's next? Who dares to be my next husband?

"If I need attention, I'll wear the ring out and say, 'reckon you can hack it?' Or maybe on first dates.

"The cake was inspired by the heart cake from the 'Blank Space' music video by Taylor Swift.

"I thought I'd put something witty on the cake, and 'legally single' is funny.

Kennedy News Media

"I had two looks. For the first outfit I wanted to look like a glamorous divorce pageant queen, with a sash and a tiara.

"I changed into a short dress when I got drunk so I could dance - and it was white, because why not? It was the white wedding I never had.

"That was just the tame pictures that you've seen babe. I wasn't sure whether to post pictures of me getting a lap dance from my friends. It looks like they're strippers."

Ilma and her husband were married for three years.

She says their relationship broke down over time and they realised that it just wasn't worth fighting for anymore.

While she wanted to celebrate her newfound freedom, she also wanted to give back to all the friends who cooked for her, let her couch surf and were shoulders to cry on during the tough times.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News Media

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