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Woman sued by 92-year-old lottery winning dad after she refused to give him £150k he gifted her back

Woman sued by 92-year-old lottery winning dad after she refused to give him £150k he gifted her back

The money ultimately destroyed the family.

Winning the lottery is a lot of people's dreams, and the idea of having that much money at your disposal can only be a good thing, right?

Well, this Australian family found out the hard way that striking gold isn't all it's made out to be.

It all started in March 2018, when Willian John Bampton from Queensland, Australia, hit the jackpot - literally.

The now 92-year-old has won an eye-watering $986,000 AUD (£509,000), and refused to give any of it to his now 69-year-old daughter, Sue Vourlides, as he didn't want her husband, Jim, to have any of it.

However, after a heated argument five months later, the senior citizen gave in and presented his daughter with a handsome cheque for $300,000 (£155,000).

But in 2021, Mr Bampton has a huge change of heart, claiming he felt 'bullied' into giving her the money, demanding that she returned it to him.

This ultimately ruined the relationship between them and the family overall.

He claims that he was tricked into giving her the money.

According to a Brisbane District Court ruling in January 2024, Bampton put a deposit down on a four-bedroom home following his big win.

After paying the initial $50,000 deposit, he paid the remaining $505,000 to own the house outright in co-ownership with his son, Larry.

Only after this purchase, did Bampton give a share of his winnings to his daughter.

Despite this, Bampton alleged that he was coerced into giving his daughter the money, as he felt like he had 'no choice' but to give in to his daughters demands after their heated exchange.

Vourlides reiterated that her father willingly gave her the money, with the whole ordeal causing disagreements and hostility within the family, as Bampton became estranged from his children.

A legal dispute between Bampton and his kids ensued, with the judge eventually ruling in favour of Vourlides, as Bampton has not been diagnosed with dementia or any other health issues that would cause him to change his mind so suddenly.

They claim that winning the lottery can bring more problems than positives.
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Judge Suzanne Sheridan ruled in December 2023: "Although Mr. Bampton was of advanced age and had medical conditions, the medical evidence was to the effect that he had full capacity and well understood and was able to manage his financial affairs,

"I am unable to accept that Mrs. Vourlides took unconscientious advantage of Mr. Bampton. I am prepared to accept that the gift was fair, just, and reasonable in the circumstances," she concluded.

Vourlides later claimed that the lottery win 'destroyed people’s lives'.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, Larry Bampton added: "No one’s a winner out of this, it just destroys everyone in the family.

"The worst thing that ever happened was that he won the million dollars. One of the tragic lotto stories, I think," he claimed.

The judge provided a 59-page ruling, but this hasn't stopped Bampton from appealing the decision as he claims that he has none of his winnings left.

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