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Drunk American tourists fall asleep after breaking into the Eiffel Tower late at night

Drunk American tourists fall asleep after breaking into the Eiffel Tower late at night

Two hungover men were woken up by security guards after breaking into an off-limits part of the landmark.

Two drunk tourists broke into an off-limits part of the Eiffel Tower after hours and accidentally fell asleep.

The Independent reported that two hungover tourists were woken up by security guards on Monday (August 14) morning.

Guards were conducting their usual rounds at about 9am, leading them to find the two men up ‘early in the morning’, according to Sete, the operator of the publicly-owned tower.

Paris prosecutors said the two men had snuck in after hopping over security barriers around 10.40 pm on Sunday; however, they ‘appear to have got stuck because of how drunk they were’.

MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

Huge flex falling asleep immediately after committing a break-and-enter.

The confidence.

The monument's opening was delayed the following day so officials could escort the pair out.

However, they did not pose a threat, according to Sete.

Police questioned both men, and Sete said it would file a criminal report.

This is the second time the global landmark has delayed its opening to visitors this month.

Reuters reported that the Eiffel Tower received two bomb threats on Saturday, August 12, leading bomb disposal experts and police to inspect the area, including one restaurant in the building.

Authorities also asked visitors to evacuate all three floors and steer clear of the tower.

“It’s a usual procedure in this kind of situation which however is rare,” a spokeswoman said.


After police conducted a search, the monument remained closed for a few hours before visitors were allowed back in.

Paris detectives are now probing an investigation of the suspect[s] who made ‘threats to lives’ by ‘falsely claiming that a dangerous explosive incident has occurred or will occur’, as per Le Monde.

If convicted, a person can face up to two years in prison.

While evacuations are rare, they happen from time to time.

Back in 2019, visitors were forced to evacuate the tower after a man was spotted climbing up the side.

CNN reported that the tower’s closure lasted just over seven hours before the climber was captured, who was scaling the 324 metre (1,062 feet) tall structure.

Many were left stunned by the incident, as one person wrote via Twitter: “The one day we planned to visit and it’s on lockdown because of this dumba**.”

While another said: “Too much Assassin's Creed.”

Featured Image Credit: Jacques Julien/Getty Images. Bruno Levesque/IP3 / Contributor/Getty Images

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