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Facebook and Instagram have just logged people all over world out of their accounts

Facebook and Instagram have just logged people all over world out of their accounts

The social media sites have mysteriously logged all of its users out

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Facebook has seemingly logged all of its users out with no explanation.

In what looks like a repeat of the Twitter apocalypse of 2022, when users were similarly logged out suddenly, social media users are completely lost as to why the website and app has gone down.

Facebook has logged users out, suddenly.

It's not just Facebook though, as Instagram, which is owned by Meta, is also down.

The result of this has been a pretty public meltdown from several of the site's users on the last major social media site standing: Twitter, or X if you want to get technical.

One mirrored some of our thoughts, writing: "Anyone else freak out and think they was being hacked?"

Another made a great point: "Love that I can always count on Twitter to confirm that Meta is down and we’ve all been logged out of facebook and Instagram isn’t working."

A different user said: "Me opening twitter to see if my phone is not broken, and facebook and messenger is just down," accompanied with a hilarious video of Kris Jenner nonchalantly closing her laptop.

Users have been left scrambling for potential reasons.

Your X timeline is sure to be littered with reaction videos to represent users' feelings, so if you're sharp, now might be the time to get that viral tweet.

It seems like everyone has made a return to X, as another user said: "Everybody checking twitter to see if facebook is down for everyone else," with a video of The Weeknd in a maze at his iconic Super Bowl halftime show.

Someone else put: "Everyone coming back to Twitter while Instagram and Facebook are down," along with a video for wrestling fans showing one of the Undertaker's legendary entrances.

2010s icon 9GAG even posted about the situation, saying: "Me coming to X to check if Facebook and Instagram are down for everyone or just me," with a GIF of the one and only Paul Rudd.

One user made an astute observation, posting about X owner Elon Musk: "Elon Musk at X headquarters after successfully shutting down facebook and instagram so everybody gotta come on twitter," with a video of American football players dancing.

Whatever it may be, it looks like the bug has hit everyone worldwide with hundreds of thousands of users left frustrated by the technical hitch.

There is still no official explanation or statement from Facebook or Meta, so it looks like we're all stuck here, hanging in the balance.

LADbible Group has contacted Meta for comment.

Featured Image Credit: PickPik / PixaHive

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