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People vowing to never go to Australia after being left ‘speechless’ at creature 'living' in man’s car

People vowing to never go to Australia after being left ‘speechless’ at creature 'living' in man’s car

Although the sheer sight would make most Brits run a mile, this Aussie bloke is more than happy to let it live in his car.

It seems like every man and his dog has gone off to the land Down Under to start a new life these days.

The weather and lifestyle is certainly a lot better than in the UK, but there's also a large group of people who couldn't think of anything worse than moving to Oz due to a certain species which run riot over there.

We all know creepy crawlies are in ample supply in Australia, but there is one particular creature which really frightens the life out of a lot of people - despite the fact some locals are apparently happy to let them live in their car.

TikTok user Tony, who lives in the city of Nowra, shared a video online explaining that a terrifying tenant had moved into his motor on his account @tikswit.

Take a look at this:

Although the sheer sight of it would make most people run a mile, the hairdresser is more than happy to share his space with the eight-legged arachnid which has found its way inside his vehicle.

In the clip, he proudly exclaimed: "I have a car huntsman! She's right here."

The camera then panned to the huge, hairy huntsman spider which was crawling across his car door to make its way inside a tiny nook.

Tony continued: "I've given her many chances to go outside the car and have a happy life, and she just wants to stay with me in the car. So, we're pals, I like it."

He admitted that even he was initially 'frightened' by the unexpected guest, but added that he had 'now come to love her'.

Tony dubbed the huntsman spider the 'cutest passenger princess ever'.

The hairdresser reckons the huntsman 'seems like a fragile, dainty girl', despite the fact that a host of social media users were left sickened by the sheer thought of its presence.

One said: "And this is why Australia will be getting zero of my tourism dollars."

Another commented: "NOPE! NOPE! This is why I live where the wind hurts my face."

A third wrote: "The casualness of this is absolutely sending me. I get the tiniest little spider appear in the corner and I have a panic attack."

A fourth added: "As a Canadian, I am speechless. Our spiders don't get much bigger than a donut hole and even those horrify me, instant assassination is the reflex."

A fifth chimed in: "I. Can't. Do. This. We go to Australia in three days and I AM SCARED FOR MY LIFE."

But Tony insisted his huntsman is the 'cutest passenger princess ever' who seems to always want to be close to him.

The huge, hairy creature scuttled into a hole in his car door.

In a follow up video, he explained that she sometimes 'freaks me out sometimes when she's really close to me'.

"So every time I start the car and start moving she runs out and we have a little - 'It's alright, it's alright, yes I'm okay, you're okay, everyone's okay'. And then she just goes back into where she lives." he said.

"I love her! We've been living together...well, she's been living in my car for two weeks now and I want more!"

Although keeping one as a pet in your car might push the boundaries, huntsman spiders are not actually as dangerous as you might think.

While they do produce venom, they're extremely unlikely to ever use it on any humans and their bites would only have minor effects.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/tikswit

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