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Stupidly expensive gift list from couple's £46 million wedding has been exposed online

Stupidly expensive gift list from couple's £46 million wedding has been exposed online

In case you were thinking of gifting something to the happy couple, the butterfly house is up for grabs

While you might be scrambling about to buy yourself a bargain this Black Friday, others have a much more expensive taste. Like, a lot more.

I’m talking about the couple who had the viral £46 million wedding who, somewhat unsurprisingly, appear to have an incredibly expensive gift list.

Madelaine Brockway and Jacob LaGrone might be relatively unknown names, but their wedding certainly isn’t as it racks up millions of views across social media.

The American couple splashed out the big, big bucks for the ‘wedding of the century’ with viewers both amazed at the extravagance and furious at the spending.

The 26-year-old car dealership heiress wore haute couture for the entire week of celebrations in Paris as she tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend in elaborate venues.

Spends on their wedding included flying their guests out on private jets, renting the Palace of Versailles, having a private concert from Maroon 5 and covering absolutely everywhere in flower displays.

The multi-million dollar wedding has gone viral on TikTok.

So yeah, you get the idea, they evidently have expensive taste.

People have since realised you can actually view their registry online – which includes the wedding gift list that was sent out to guests who choose to buy them a present.

Although, it’s a little less usual than the kind of things you might be asking for this Christmas.

I mean, are you wishing for a $12.5k (£9.9k) butterfly house?

At the time of writing, 100 of the gifts have already been ‘completed’ on the list but I guess if you’d been flown out to Paris for that do, you’d be happy to chip in $125 (£99) for a dinner plate in return.

There’s also a $5,400 (£4,230) vase, a $2,950 (£2,340) antique silver four-piece tea and coffee set, a $2,850 (£2,260) bobcat ornament and a $860 (£680) gravy boat – imagine smashing that during a Sunday roast.

Someone's yet to gift the butterfly house.

On the, ahem, cheaper end of the list is a $24 (£19) wine glass (no surprise to hear this has already been purchased for them) and a $28 (£22) napkin. Yes, a napkin.

The couple seem to be asking for several vases and animal figurines, as well as a rather bizarre candy cane teapot ($530/£420).

Users slammed the registry on X as they said it just ‘further proves the obscenity of it all’.

Another wrote: “Being this rich with a gift registry is the trashiest thing I can possibly imagine.”

Others even said the items ‘ain’t worth it’ as one simply put: “Damn.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sav4president

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