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Woman baffled as mystery 6ft pole is cemented into her driveway

Woman baffled as mystery 6ft pole is cemented into her driveway

The pole has left everyone flummoxed

A woman has been left baffled after a mysterious pole was erected in her driveway with no explanation.

The mysteries of city planning are sometimes impossible to penetrate even for those who actually do the planning. Whether it's a dispute over a garden fence, a dropped kerb, or an eyesore building, sometimes things are just weird.

However, for one woman from New Zealand things seem to have just gotten downright bizarre.

The incident has caused a lot of 'pole-emic'.
Sophie Jessica Hucker

Sophie Hucker from Tauranga, North Island, returned from her job teaching on Tuesday to see that a 6ft pole had been placed there. Not what you'd expect to see.

Initially, Sophie thought that it was something that her neighbours had ordered and went to move it over to their house. That was when she discovered that the pole had been concreted into the ground.

She told the Bay of Plenty Times: "I thought maybe the neighbours ordered something - maybe it's a pole for a basketball hoop. I saw and said 'oh s***' it's cemented in."

Her next guess was that her neighbours had ordered the pole in order to build a car port to charge an electric vehicle. She assumed that the contractors had gone to the wrong home.

Things even got pole-itical when she contacted Tauranga City Council, who knew nothing about the mysterious new addition to her driveway.

Stumped, she put a note on the pole in the hope that someone who see it and be able to help her out.

She wrote: "I have no idea what this is doing here - please call me."

The pole in Sophie's driveway.
Sophie Jessica Hucker

With guesses as to its use now running thin, Sophie reckoned that maybe the pole had actually just been a mistake that someone had done, and then not bothered to correct.

She said: "My current conclusion is that some tradies made a big stuff-up and just left it, which is annoying and random.

"It's not even round to swing around on."

People on social media were amused by the situation. One said that she should call the 'pole-ice', while another said: "I find this post offensive, can you please remove it."

However, once the jokes had settled, Sophie was still left with the pole, and is now desperate to get it removed.

She said: "You've provided a lot of entertainment value for everyone, but can you please come and get rid of it. I do not need that pole."

While the pole isn't completely blocking the entrance, it's a big hindrance, and doesn't appear to serve any function whatsoever.

But it seems that for the time being at least, the driveway will remain as pole-arised as ever, and no a-pole-ogy is forthcoming.

Featured Image Credit: Sophie Jessica Hucker

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