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Putin's bodyguard carries secret suitcase device in case of assassination attempt

Putin's bodyguard carries secret suitcase device in case of assassination attempt

The briefcase is thought to hold a 'bulletproof shield' for the Russian leader

The bodyguard of Vladimir Putin was seen holding a briefcase that is believed to turn into a bulletproof shield as the dictator addressed supporters in Moscow recently.

Bodyguards and Close Protection Officers (CPOs) will undoubtedly have a myriad of tricks up their sleeve for looking after celebrities and famous figures, so it's no surprise that Russia's Vladimir Putin's is the same, right?

A recent video of the dictator on stage addressing an audience in Moscow has drawn attention as his bodyguard appears to be readily prepared for an assassination attempt. Take a look:

In the clip, the security professional can be seen holding a special briefcase which is believed to be able to unfold and act as a bulletproof shield when needed. Handy.

As an incredibly famous and controversial face in world politics, Putin is no stranger to danger and attempts on his life, so it's not an odd move to have a security team trained to consider every eventuality.

At the event in Moscow, his security team were understood to be 'nervous' as he stood in front of 550 people who are expected to back his campaign for re-election.

Despite the audience being in support of Putin and his political agenda, the security team were still thought to be on edge. Telegram channel VChk-OGPU reported: "An Federal Protective Service (FSO) officer was preparing to cover Putin with an armoured shield at a specially guarded and checked meeting between him and his 'trusted persons'."

A video clip shows Vladimir Putin's bodyguard carrying a briefcase thought to hold a 'bulletproof shield'.

They added: "Among the audience were business and cultural figures, academics and journalists.

"All of them underwent standard quarantine, loyalty checks, as well as the deepest [vetting] from the security service, a through search.

"When Putin spoke, the bodyguard was unmoving. But as the ‘trusted persons’ began to stand up and ask questions, the guard moved towards the chief… ready at any moment to rush in and protect Putin."

The high security team for the Russian leader comes after he's expected to win the election campaign in March, after it's believed to be heavily rigged with all candidates approved by Putin.

According to reports, the Kremlin has already decreed that Putin will secure 80 percent of the vote.

The controversial Russian dictator is expected to win the election in March.

Putin has also been vocal in the media recently after he continued to comment on claims that a Russian IL-76 military plane was brought down by Western weapons.

Earlier this week, he claimed that Ukraine used a US Patriot missile defence system to shoot down the transport plane over the border city Belgorod.

He explained: "The expert analysis has already established that. We insist that an international investigation be carried out. No international organisations are willing to do this."

Featured Image Credit: East2West

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