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Woman 'fired from job' after telling McDonald's worker at drive-thru to 'get a career'

Woman 'fired from job' after telling McDonald's worker at drive-thru to 'get a career'

A spat broke out at the drive-thru over a refund at McDonald's

A woman has reportedly been fired after she angrily told a McDonald’s worker to ‘get a career’.

The incident played out after the woman and her partner began arguing with the member of staff over a refund.

According to the worker in the clip, the pair paid for their order with their card at a McDonald’s in Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada, so were informed that their refund could only be issued by the same method.

However, that appeared to rub the couple up the wrong way as they demanded their refund in cash.

The McDonald’s worker calmly says: “You guys paid with debit, right?” To which the man responds: “It doesn’t matter.”

While the man keeps insisting that they could be paid out in cash, the woman beside him says: “You’re in Edmonton. Where are you from? You can’t even speak English. Get a career. Do something for your life. You’re so sad…”

The man and woman got into a spat with the McDonald’s worker.

The bloke cuts in to tell the staff member why he’s refusing to wait for his food and why he wants a refund instead, but when the worker explains that she’s happy to refund him by debit - not cash - he tells them he has ‘lost’ his card.

He then threatens to call his lawyer in the morning and warns the woman he will ‘sue’ both her and McDonald’s - although he doesn’t make it clear what infraction he believes has taken place.

As the worker insists the man just needs to ‘tap his card to get his money back’, he interrupts to tell her: “Don’t worry. I got 50,000 followers on Instagram. I’m going to post this video, you’re like… this is going viral.” before once again asking the woman to pay him his refund in cash.

A man claiming to be the woman’s employer has said she’s since been let go from her job.

It turns out the man in the clip was sort of right - the clip has indeed gone viral, but not the one he recorded. It’s the staff member’s video that has spread like wildfire on social media, with one post from X account @yegwave picking up one million views in just a couple of days.

It wasn’t long before the couple were identified and in a follow up post on @yegwave, a man claiming to be the woman’s employer said she’s been fired from her job. In a series of messages shared with the account, the man says: “My name is Marco and I am the owner and acting general manager.

“We do not condone that type of language and she is no longer employed at this company.

“This video does not reflect the values or viewpoints of the employees who work here or the family that owns this business. All four of our grandparents were immigrants to Canada as well as many of our employees.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/YegWave SOPA Images/Getty

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