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WWE legend Big Show once broke a wall in a hotel room in Japan while having a 'bathroom emergency'

WWE legend Big Show once broke a wall in a hotel room in Japan while having a 'bathroom emergency'

Big Show - real-name Paul Wright - admitted the bathroom mishap during an interview on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

As his wrestling name certainly suggests, WWE legend Big Show is a pretty large guy, coming in at a whopping 7 feet tall, in fact.

Even for a wrestler that is pretty huge, and that height has certainly caused a lot of problems for Big Show - whose real name is Paul Wright - in the past.

Wright has been out of the ring since November 2018, with more than two decades of grappling taking a toll on his body and leading to a succession of injuries.

But rather than stew while out of action, the big man has hit the gym harder than ever and has transformed his body in the process, even enlisting the help of celebrity trainer Dodd Romero in the past.

But while that is all very well and good, his rather large size certainly has its disadvantages, as he revealed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien way back in 2005.

In the 18-year-old video, which all looks rather dated now, Big Show discussed some of the limitations his size has on his daily life.

In the interview, the WWE legend discussed how it is a real struggle finding space on a plane, saying first-class seats provided him with even less room.

Big Show is certainly a tall bloke, but sometimes that makes life a little tricky.

While many other awkward situations were discussed, the one that had much of the audience in stitches involved Big Show's trip to Japan and a certain 'bathroom emergency'.

"In one of my first trips to Japan, we stayed in a business hotel. The Japanese are very efficient at what they do and they don't need many creature-comforts as far as hotel rooms go," the wrestler said.

He continued: "This business hotel is very small, I have a tough time getting through the door, when I lay down on the bed, my head was against the wall, my feet were against the wall - I was literally as big as the room.

"After 15 hours of flying, and trying different foods, sometimes you have to go to the bathroom.

"It was a panic situation, I squeezed into this little bathroom."

Big Show then provided a visual illustration of how close he was to the wall, and it seems like it was a matter of mere centimetres.

Big Show illustrated how small the gap was.
YouTube/@Conan O’Brien

"I am very frustrated at the time and the walls are not very sturdy, in frustration, I slap the wall, and the wall falls into the hole," Big Show continued.

Concluding his admission, the WWE legend reminded everyone to go to the bathroom before they board a plane.

You heard it here first, folks.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Conan O'Brien

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