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WWE forced to mute live WrestleMania coverage after The Rock 'broke a protocol' on-air

WWE forced to mute live WrestleMania coverage after The Rock 'broke a protocol' on-air

Heaven forfend anyone should interrupt the violence with naughty words

Can you mute what The Rock is cussing?

The Rock forced WWE to mute WrestleMania for a bit last night (6 April) after swearing at the referee.

Yes, it's fine to stage an event where four guys throw each other around a ring (and sometimes out of it), but we've got to be careful that nobody says any rude words while they're doing it, otherwise children at home might get the wrong idea.

Night one of WrestleMania 40 hosted a star-studded tag team match where The Rock teamed up with Roman Reigns to face off against Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes.

The Rock is back in wrestling and has dubbed himself 'The Final Boss', while he really seems to have been relishing the bad guy role.

He knows his job is to start s**t, cause drama and know that because he's The Rock, every eye is going to be on him and whatever he does next.

The Rock is back in the ring.
Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

As for what he did last night, he and Roman Reigns won their fight, which according to Forbes wrestling expert Alfred Konuwa, puts The Rock on a collision course with Cody Rhodes for the WWE World Championship, and will likely end up with Roman Reigns facing off against The Final Boss in the ring.

However, one encounter which a lot of fans picked up on was an altercation between The Rock and the referee, as the wrestler used his position on TKO's board of directors to throw some authority around.

At one point he threatened to fire the referee if he counted anyone out in the match, declaring: "Listen to me, if you count, you're fired. You understand?

"You know The Rock, I don't f**k around. You count, you're fired."

Obviously this event about guys fighting is meant to be a family friendly experience, so while the mute button was a little late to that one, the next few expletives were not for our ears.

The Rock told the referee not to count anyone out or they'd be fired.

Plenty of viewers thought it was funny that WWE was 'a little late with the beeping', and lots more enjoyed that the mute button was late to the party.

"THEY COULDN'T MUTE ROCK SCREAMING F**K AT THE REFREE. MISSED IT BY A SECOND LMAO," was just one typical response out of a sea of amusement.

Last month, The Rock described a story which claimed that TKO Group Holdings wanted WWE to stay family friendly, which meant that the talent shouldn't be swearing, as 'complete horses**t'.

Meanwhile, back in February he also really settled into his villain role by calling WWE fans 'trailer park trash'.

LADbible have contacted The Rock's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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