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Mike Tyson wants a WWE match with Logan Paul and says he would kick the YouTuber’s ‘f**king a**’

Mike Tyson wants a WWE match with Logan Paul and says he would kick the YouTuber’s ‘f**king a**’

But the former heavyweight world champion doesn't reckon the YouTuber is sincere when talking about a showdown between them.

Mike Tyson is keen to knock some sense into Logan Paul.

The 56-year-old former heavyweight world champion has spoken out against the YouTuber turned wrestler.

Speaking to Forbes, Tyson asked: "Have you ever seen me wrestle before? I would do it! I would kick his f**king ass, yes I would do it.

"Even though I love him, though."

Tyson has been a fan of Logan Paul's for some time, and there has been a lot of talk about them stepping into the ring, whether that be wrestling or in boxing.

AJ Pics / Alamy

However, when asked if he would really face-off with the YouTube star, Tyson doubted the WWE star's sincerity.

"I don’t think he’s really that serious [about a boxing match], but I’m just happy he’s receiving the success that he has," Tyson said.

"For my ego, I feel I had so much to do with that."

With Paul becoming the bad boy of WWE, Tyson credited himself for paving the way for 'bad guys' in sport.

"I’m in the wrestling Hall of Fame," he said.

"I loved wrestling all my life. The Valiant Brothers, Bruno Sammartino, that’s just who I was: the arrogant talker and the bad guy who people booed.

"That’s when I realised you can’t remember the good guy without the bad guy. That’s what makes the good guy famous, is the bad guy."

Tyson added: "The good guy is nothing without the bad guy, the bad guy is the biggest draw."

Tyson also said it was the 'bad guy persona' that led to him and Floyd Mayweather becoming the 'biggest draws'.

Logan has boxed three times without securing a win.

He copped a draw and a split decision loss against fellow YouTuber KSI.

He also faced off with Mayweather in an exhibition bout in 2021.

Logan Paul.

His brother Jake Paul has competed seven times as a professional boxer, losing only once against Tommy Fury.

Tyson reckons it is the double-trouble star power of the brothers that has been key in making them such a success.

Logan, however, has previously boasted about taking down Mike Tyson.

Rather unsurprisingly, Logan backed himself against the ferocious fighter.

He told Michael Benson of his podcast: "Someone mentioned Mike Tyson, like how funny is it? One great at a time. Or is it like you can only fight one?

"My lawyer mentioned it and he was like, 'No, Tyson will rip your head off, you don’t stand a chance'.

"I’m like bro, I literally just went through all of this, you can’t tell me I can’t beat Mike Tyson. Bro, he’s old, old."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Mike Tyson. Instagram/Logan Paul

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