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YouTuber Niko Omilana Tricks KKK Leader Into Shouting 'BLM' And 'I'm A P***y'

YouTuber Niko Omilana Tricks KKK Leader Into Shouting 'BLM' And 'I'm A P***y'

YouTuber and all round excellent prankster Niko Omilana tricked a KKK leader into shouting BLM and 'I'm a p***y.'

YouTuber and all-round excellent prankster Niko Omilana tricked Ku Klux Klan leader Thomas Robb into shouting BLM and 'I'm a p***y'.

The full video of 'I Pranked America's Most Racist Man' dropped on Omilana's YouTube channel last night, and it's pretty hilarious.

The content creator captioned the video by saying: "I went to America's most racist town to find out the truth about the town Harrison Arkansas, what ended up happening shocked me.'

What follows is possibly some of the funniest footage we've ever seen.

In one particular clip, Omilana tricks Robb into saying some pretty great lines by giving him fake names to read out.

The clip starts with the racist leader saying: "I'm Thomas Robb, I'm here with Imar Nonce and he's with BBC."

Yep, Omilana got the KKK leader to say 'I'm a nonce', and the footage just gets better from there.

The content creator went on to say: "Thank you to all of the people from the UK stand with KKK – right, here we have Thomas, who's going to be shouting your names out."

Robb starts by trying to read the fake username 'imap_ussay', and we'll give you one wild guess what the KKK leader ended up saying.

Next up was 'byelleem', which the leader reads as 'BLM' – hilariously, Omilana got Robb to shout out BLM.

Next up is 'sue.kmadeek', and we've got to give props to Omilana for keeping a straight face throughout the whole thing.

He ends the interview by saying: "And that's the thing, you have a lot of supporters in the UK, thank you so much for shouting them out."

The clip is just one part of the 30-minute video in which Omilana tracks his journey through 'America's most racist town'.

Niko Omilana Tricks KKK Leader Into Shouting BLM And 'I'm A P***y'.

People have loved the video, with users quickly commenting in support of the top tier prankster.

One wrote: "Glad to see a story that focuses on the actual jackassery of Tom Robb and his reprobates in Zinc. Top tier trolling, guys.

"Wish you'd have not blurred the dude at Walmart, though. Those losers don't deserve anonymity."

Another said: "This is some S-tier trolling right here. Could barely hold in my laughter when you made Mr. KKK Leader "shout out" those comments. Not to mention how you kept going as you were walking out lol."

A third added: "You deserve the world, Niko, there truly is no creator quite like you. Bless up fam! Love from Canada."

Featured Image Credit: nikoomilana/Twitter

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