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Seth Rogen Slid Into Donald Trump Jr's Dms With Message For The President

Seth Rogen Slid Into Donald Trump Jr's Dms With Message For The President

Worth a shot.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

America is full of celebrities taking shots at President Trump on social media, mostly these are routinely ignored by Trump.

However, Seth Rogen thought he had found a clever way of making sure he doesn't go unnoticed when he spotted that Trump's son, Donald Jr was a follower.

So, naturally, he slid into his DMs to tell him what he thought of his dad. He's not a fan.

The comedian then went on to post a series of his inboxes to Donny Jr in which he tells him that it would be cool if he could tell Donny Snr, "yo, dad, why don't you stop all this and go back to being just a guy on TV."

He follows this with: "Also, please tell your dad that this guy Jason Chaffetz, you know the dude with the awesome Twitter handle @jasoninthehouse should probably investigate Flynn's connection to Russia because he got fired over it. Thanks man! Have a good one."

Before writing that he didn't want to come across as a weirdo, which I think is fair, given that he's sent three DMs with no response. And adding: "So, maybe, ask your dad to investigate if his campaign was in talks with Russia leading up to the election? Or maybe just have someone investigate Flynn's ties to Russia? Or maybe just ask your dad to go to hosting game shows? I bet he would prefer that. He doesn't seem to like this. Thanks dude! Peace!!!"

Credit: Twitter/@sethrogen

So far the tweets have been shared hundreds of thousands of time but there appears to be no response from Trump Jr just yet.

These tweets, aimed at someone else for a change, will probably be a welcome relief for the president. He doesn't always have the best time on Twitter, but refuses to give it up, doesn't he?

Even if that means sometimes making a tit of himself, like the time he tweeted a total stranger instead of his own daughter.

The post, which includes the handle @Ivanka rather than @IvankaTrump, shared some praise from a Trump fan called Lawrence Goodstein and was posted by Trump. It has since had almost 8,331 replies and has been liked 47,790 times.

Can we all spare a thought for this poor woman's notifications?

@Ivanka belongs to Ivanka Majic, a council worker from Brighton, who eventually took the rare opportunity to communicate with Trump.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Twitter/@sethrogen

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