Hundreds Visit Park To Go Sledging And Have Snowball Fights Despite Lockdown

Hundreds Visit Park To Go Sledging And Have Snowball Fights Despite Lockdown

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Cyclist Nearly Has His Bike Stolen Within Seconds Of Leaving It Unattended

Cyclist Nearly Has His Bike Stolen Within Seconds Of Leaving It Unattended

If your parents ever told you to make sure you lock up your valuables, this could be a very good reminder. While some people who nick your stuff might stake out your place for a few days, some are incredibly opportunistic.

That's what this cyclist found when he rested his expensive-looking racing bike against a wall while he popped into 360 Cycles Clontarf in Dublin. Literally, within 10 seconds of leaving it unattended, two guys appeared and clearly didn't think twice about trying to take off with it.

Watch the whole thing below:


This cyclist clearly wasn't about to let two scumbags ride off into the sunset. Our hero tackled one of the thieves onto the road and fended him off when he got to his feet. The ike owner then headed back to make sure an oncoming car didn't run into the bike.

The video was uploaded to Facebook, with the caption reading: "One of our head mechanics was very lucky to get away with about €200 (£181/$235) worth of damage rather than losing his carbon racing bike. This happened in Clontarf over the weekend and we would like to urge all bike owners to lock their bikes at all times even if you are just leaving it for under a minute."

The post has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times, with many people congratulating the cyclist for nearly beating the shit out of the thieves.


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One person says: "Good to see he landed a few blows on the fucker!"

Another adds: "I've had two separate bikes robbed (which were locked) over the years. I can't stand these little dirtbags. No Respect. It's a pity there wasn't more damage done to that scumbag rather than the bike."

Tracking down a bike thief
Tracking down a bike thief

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published at4 years ago

But, while some people are coming to his defence, many are blaming him for leaving a very expensive bike on the street, with a Facebook user saying: "Seriously though. The guy just left a $1000 (£770) bike leaning against the wall and left?! This is the daftest thing I've seen in ages."

Bike theft is a huge issue in the UK, with more than 376,000 stolen each year according to Cyclist, which is roughly one every 90 seconds. London, Edinburgh and Oxford are the top three locations in Britain for bike theft, followed by Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester.

The Specialized Sirrus and Specialized Allez are the top two most stolen makes of bike, according to the data. Cyclists are urged to be careful where they lock their bike, making sure that it's in a well-lit area and hopefully close to a CCTV camera.

This bloke's bike suffered some damage, but at least he still has it.

Featured Image Credit: 360 Cycles Clontarf

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