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'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Predicts The Close Ally Who Will Betray Daenerys

'Game Of Thrones' Fan Theory Predicts The Close Ally Who Will Betray Daenerys

Not the first one you'd suspect.

James Dawson

James Dawson

Fair warning guys, if you're not up to date on the latest episode of Game of Thrones - that is the fourth episode of the seventh season - then this article will reveal huge upcoming plot points in the show, so if you don't want anything spoiling then DO NOT READ AHEAD.

Instead, maybe enjoy this article about The Time Barry From The Time Barry From Eastender's Sang At The World Bowls Championship Sang At The World Bowls Championship, The Pensioner Who's Visited Over A Thousand Wetherspoons, or How Legalising Cannabis Could Be Great For The Economy.

What I'm saying is: get the hell off this page right now because spoilers (like winter) are coming.


Since the start of the series I've been behind Daenerys' claim for the Iron Throne, but after a long, long wait for her to come across the sea to Westeros - I can't help but feel she's failed to materialise as the Prince (or should I say Princess) that was promised.

Sure she's okay - and you can't say the dragon's aren't cool - but it's all just a little boring, isn't it, her expecting everyone to bend the knee. Birth right might be a good claim to becoming the ruler of the seven kingdoms but it's hardly one that's earned.

Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

And, according to a new fan theory, I'm not the only one who's getting fed up with the Targaryen queen.

In the latest episode Missandei talked to Jon Snow and Davos about her relationship with Daenerys, and said that the reason she followed her was because she wanted to, and not because she was forced to.

But according to Reddit user mfGLOVE, their relationship could deteriorate over Greyworm's fate, after she also emphasised how worried Missandei was about him, following his mission to take Casterly Rock.

Speaking on Reddit they said: "Last episode they emphasised Misandei's love for Grey Worm while also stressing how he is trapped inside of Casterly Rock; doomed to starve.

"She was also questioned about her allegiance to Dany and how and why she chooses to follow her. It's quite possible she betrays Dany for her love of Grey Worm."

Although the smart money would still be on Tyrion to betray her, considering that she's likely to take his brother Jaime hostage in the next episode, the more you think about it, the more it's not a bad shout.

Whilst we wait to see what happens in the next episode there's the trailer:

Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones

I can't be the only one desperate to find out what happens next.

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Game Of Thrones

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