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Piers Morgan Goes Head-To-Head With Another Imam In 'Good Morning Britain' Grilling

James Dawson

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Piers Morgan Goes Head-To-Head With Another Imam In 'Good Morning Britain' Grilling

Piers Morgan told an imam he was 'living in cloud cuckoo land' on Good Morning Britain after he claimed there was no extremism in any of Britain's mosques.

The presenter became furious with imam Yunus Dudhwala after he insisted the issue had 'got better' and we needed 'recent evidence' of extremism in the country's 2,000 mosques.

Watch the grilling here...


Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

Piers attacked the imam, saying: "That's just complete nonsense to say there's no extremism existing in any of Britain's nearly 2,000 mosques.

"Why would you say something that is so demonstrably untrue and easy to prove to be untrue?"

Imam Dudhwala, responded: "Mosques are reporting these individuals and the security services are not picking them up."


Adding that mosques were also: "Informing the communities of what's happening within the community".

But Piers said their was a problem with 'Saudi-inspired' Wahhabism mosques with 'very hardline, conservative preaching'.

He said: "We know that the more extremist radicalisation is attached to some of these mosques. Isn't it incumbent on imams like yourselves to come out and say yes there's a problem?"


Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

The imam responded: "We can't equate conservatism orthodoxy with extremism and terrorism... we will have a bigger problem."

Piers then asked the imam if he didn't believe undercover police wouldn't find any extremist preaching if they were sent in this weekend

The imam responded: "I personally don't think there will be [any] but if there is we need to report it because we need to take out any extremism and terrorism in this country."


"I myself saw some of the victims, I was there on Saturday night. I don't want to see that ever again on the streets of London.

"We all want to root out extremism and terrorism."

It comes after Piers took on another imam earlier this week, he again claimed that extremist mosques are being funded by Saudi radicals known as Wahhabists.

Watch a clip of the interview here...


Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

In his appearance of the show, imam Ajmal Masroor repeatedly denied that any mosques in Britain are promoting radical views.

Mr Masroor said: "With due respect to you, do you have any evidence?

"If you know of a mosque like this please let me know, I'll be the first one to go and not only protest but demand its closure. I don't know of mosques who do this in this country.

"Anyone who does what we're all condemning, they don't become radicalised from mosques, they become radicalised from the internet."

Piers replied: "I can't let you get away with saying there's no Wahhabist preaching in this country, there are not Wahhabist mosques, because we know there are.

"For you to stand there and say this isn't happening at all means either you've got your head in the sand or you just don't want to recognise this problem."

Mr Masroor said: "Piers, I didn't say any of that, I said if you know of a mosque please tell me.

"Don't apportion the blame on the mosques when mosques and the Muslim community have played a huge role in keeping people safe."

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James Dawson
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