Scientists Actually Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago

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Scientists Actually Found Life On Mars 40 Years Ago

Hang on a minute. There's life on Mars and a study claims people have known for 40 years.

You'd think that something as important as life on Mars would have been shared at the time, but it appears it was and no one actually believed the scientists.

And, in the meantime, NASA has spent billions trying to find out if life could possibly exist on Mars. Bit awkward.


A 1976 mission to Mars, the Viking Lander, carried out experiments on soil from the Red Planet, which seemed to show that something was producing carbon dioxide. In fact, the samples 'behaved' very like soil from Earth when it was tested.

However, the experiments were written off as 'inconclusive' at the time.

Now the findings have been re-examined in a new paper, and one of the original scientists, Gilbert Levin, writes that the results show that 'life is a strong possibility' on Mars.


He goes on to say: "Plans for any Mars sample return mission should also take into account that such a sample may contain viable, even if dormant, alien life."

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

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Claire Reid
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