Jordan Peterson's New Book Sparks Outrage At Publishing Company
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'Secret Second Earth' We Could Reach In Our Lifetime To Be Announced Today

'Secret Second Earth' We Could Reach In Our Lifetime To Be Announced Today

Featured image credit of Earth: PA Images

To be honest, 99% of you probably won't care, but honestly this has got to be the most interesting thing to happen this year.

Sources have indicated that a potentially habitable 'second Earth' has been discovered, and we could reach it within our lifetime.


There could be intelligent life there, as the 'second Earth' sits comfortably within the Goldilocks Zone (the area which isn't too close to a star and not too far away. Basically, it is somewhere where water can be found as H2O is fundamental to the development of life).

Last month, news that the European Southern Observatory (ESO) had discovered a planet in this zone leaked.

An anonymous ESO-based source spoke to German publication Der Spiegel and claimed that the discovery 'is the closest habitable planet to Earth'. So, lads, we could reach it in our lifetime.


The thing is, it's still not been officially announced. Which has made a lot of people question the legitimacy of the claims but also whether or not it's being kept secret for a reason.

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The Sun reported that the source said: "The still nameless planet is believed to be Earth-like and orbits at a distance to Proxima Centauri that could allow it to have liquid water on its surface - an important requirement for the emergence of life.


NASA Live Streams SpaceX Crew's Historic Return To Earth

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"Never before have scientists discovered a second Earth that is so close by."

The ESO is holding a press conference today... let's see what happens.


And remember, the truth is out there.



Words by Mel Ramsay

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