This Las Vegas Shooting Range Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

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This Las Vegas Shooting Range Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

If you happen to be taking a trip to the States anytime soon and feel like ticking 'firing a fucking massive gun' off your bucket list, then you can head to Las Vegas and do just that.

For as little as $99 you can have a go at firing a whole host of incredibly dangerous guns at Battlefield Las Vegas, the self-proclaimed 'ultimate shooting range in Las Vegas'.

Now, I'm not going to lie, firing a gun isn't really something I've ever fancied doing - I can't make a cup of tea without somehow injuring myself, so the idea of being put in charge of a gun was too daunting - until today, when I saw this clip of a man having a whale of a time at a shooting range.

There over 350 weapons on offer at this particular range, and this guy is taking full advantage of that fact by running through a Luger and Beretta, before things get a bit more interesting with a MP40, Sig Mpx, Mp5, and then get a lot more interesting when he gets his hands on a gold AK47 (fancy) and an M4.


But the real highlight is when he tries out a fucking minigun.

Look at him. Look at this face and tell me the last time you felt this happy:


Also, the clip catch the instructor does when he fires the last shot of the M1 Garand (01:30) is amazing.

So, when are we going?

Featured Image Credit: Credit: YouTube/Ben .G

Claire Reid
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