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Top Scientists Reckon Black Holes Are Portals To Nine Dimensions

Top Scientists Reckon Black Holes Are Portals To Nine Dimensions

Alternate universe you is probably having way more fun.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Do you know theory that there are three dimensions, yeah? Well, what if I told you that was all bollocks and there are actually nine? Yep, there could be nine dimensions and black holes might be portals to others universes.

Now, hold on, before you all tell me to fuck off (again), this theory is backed up by science.

These scientists are so sure of these other dimensions that they're using the Large Hadron Collider to try and prove their theory.

There are several theories within particle physics that point towards extra dimensions; one of these is the 'brane theory' which suggests these extra dimensions could be hiding extra universes.


Dr Chris White, a physicist from the Queen Mary University of London, told the Daily Mail that within brane theory - which is a part of string theory - instead of the building blocks of nature being 'particles', they're actually strings, planes and 'higher generalisations' collectively known as 'branes'.

"The equations of string theory, which necessarily includes branes, only make sense in nine space dimensions, rather than the three we appear to observe," he said. And he's a fucking scientist, so what are you saying now?

There are now plans to use the Large Hydron Collider to make small black holes to see if there are extra dimensions.

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