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One Of The Thugs Who Killed A Bulldog Has Allegedly Been Beaten Up

One Of The Thugs Who Killed A Bulldog Has Allegedly Been Beaten Up

One of the brothers behind the awful attacks on an innocent dog has been forced to call police after allegedly being beaten up.

A vile video went viral of brothers Andrew, 22, and Daniel Frankish, 19, headbutting, jumping on and throwing their pet down the stairs.

We will not share the video, because it's far too distressing.

The horrific abuse of the bulldog was only found after a memory card containing the footage was found on the floor of a supermarket.


The dog, Baby, lost use of her hind legs and was sadly put to sleep three months after the incident.

Despite the footage showing that these scumbags clearly enjoyed torturing the innocent dog, they were both given just 21 weeks in prison which was suspended for two years along with a tagged curfew for six months.

A petition was started on, and it argues that the punishment does not fit the crime. It has since been signed nearly 500,000 times. The petition's description reads:


"The poor animal was repeatedly thrown down flights of stairs, 'pile driven' into the ground from head height, swung around, and stamped all over. 'Baby' was put to sleep three months later after losing the use of her hind legs. This was all captured on camera, and it is clear it was for their sick enjoyment. We believe this sentence should be reconsidered and the punishment should be greater for such horrendous treatment of a defenseless animal."

The pair have now been forced to call Cleveland Police after one of them was allegedly assaulted.

Police released a statement confirming a man had been arrested but released without charge. They also denied a rumour that the brothers were under police protection.

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"A 36-year-old man was arrested following a call from occupants of a house in Redcar just after 11.05pm on Sunday, April 3," a police spokeswoman said.

"The man was interviewed and subsequently released with no further police action.

"People may have the best of intentions, but they could put themselves at risk and they can also disrupt police or RSPCA investigations.

"We would advise people not to carry out their own inquiries, but to contact the authorities and raise their concerns so they can be investigated thoroughly and in the safest possible way."


The police are correct to warn the public against exacting their own punishment against the Frankish Brothers, but there are still questions that need answering.

These are violent criminals. There's video evidence of this fact. As a dog owner - and a human being - I believe it's unsafe for these men to be out in public.

This begs the question: Why are the sentences handed out to animal abusers so lenient?

You can sign the petition here and donate to the RSPCA here.


Written by Liam Bond

Lead image credit: RSPCA

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