A New Mysterious Monolith Has Popped Up In California
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Russia Is Set To Evacuate 40 Million People

Russia Is Set To Evacuate 40 Million People

Russia appears to be gearing itself up for a nuclear war.

A mind-blowing 40 million people, almost a third of the country, will be taking part in a civil defence exercise from the 4th to the 7th October.

Putin and his officials have spoken out about a US attack that they believe will happen after the two countries cut ties over the conflict in Syria.

Russian media announced that Putin's ministers have built nuclear bunkers which have the capacity to hold Moscow's 12 million residents.


The unprecedented move will see more than 200,000 specialist units as well as the military, fire services, local governing bodies and paramilitary divisions all take part in the exercise, which is being coordinated by the Emergencies Ministry of Russia - EMERCOM.

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This drill follows on from Russia's military manoeuvers, which involved 8,000 troops at the end of August.

To add to fears, the US secretary of state Ash Carter has previously spoken about a potential plot Russia has to launch an 'unprecedentedly terrible attack'.

Russia has 7,300 nuclear weapons, compared to the US, which has 6,970.


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