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Vladimir Putin Is Building A Robotic Humanoid Tank

Vladimir Putin Is Building A Robotic Humanoid Tank

Of course he is.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

It should be a surprise that the president of a country is building himself a 'robot Terminator tank', but when that president is Vladimir Putin it becomes a lot less surprising, doesn't it? This is exactly the kind of shit he's always getting up to.

Seemingly gearing up for World War III, the Russian president has spent the past few days preparing for nuclear by running drills for evacuation procedures.

He's now got his top military scientists working on a robotic humanoid battle tank, which they are calling The Specialist. Cool, is it OK if we all shit ourselves now?

The Daily Star has compared The Specialist to the Hunter Killer from The Terminator and I can totally see the comparison.

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The robo-tank plans were unveiled by the Defence Ministry's Central Scientific-Research Test Centre for Robotics and show that it's going to be five metres long, two metres high and weigh 1.8 tons, meaning it's definitely too big for Robot Wars.

It's also got a 360-degree field of view and is happy on all terrains. Reports suggest it will be used for defusing bombs and checking the health of injured soldiers, looking at their blood pressure, temperature and feeding the information back to bosses who will decide if the soldier is good to fight or needs help.

A defence ministry spokesman said: "It has successfully passed a series of field tests at an ordnance range in southern Russia, and is already being used there in life-threatening situations."

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