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Pervert Landlords Are Offering Free Rooms In Return For Adult Cuddles

Pervert Landlords Are Offering Free Rooms In Return For Adult Cuddles

There's desperation and then there's this.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Today sees a new low for landlords as some of them are offering out 'free' rooms in return for sex.

Honestly, this is actually happening in the UK in 2016. I can't get my head around it.

The adverts were posted on Craigslist and were spotted by journalist Helen Croydon who responded pretending to be a young female student. She found some dark shit and spoke to the Daily Mail about it.

One of the many adverts she found was for a one-bedroom apartment in London, just a four-minute walk away from the tube station. Rent free, cool, what's the catch? Well, now you've asked, I'll tell you. The catch is that you've got to be an attractive, honest and sociable female. You'll also have to endure what the landlord calls an 'adult cuddle', which the detective in me is guessing is more than a cuddle and actually involves a fair bit of penetration.

The advert states 'I'm not kinky in any way' (that's me out at this point) so there will be no surprises, which is something, I suppose.

He's also got the bloody cheek to write in his advert that he's shy. Who are you trying to kid, mate? Fucking shy? You're letting your room out for a shag, let's not lie about this. He's put a winky face after his height, too. I don't know. I don't understand any of this anymore and it's making me hate the Internet.

Now, while all of this is really shocking and just highlights the problems with affordable housing in the capital, it's also the first time I've ever read the phrase 'adult cuddle'. The fella needs locking up for calling it that, never mind all this weird pervert stuff.

Here's a couple more uncomfortable adverts for you to look at.

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