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Personal Trainer Who 'Fat-Shamed' Woman's 'Belly' Exposed As Sending More Cruel Texts

Personal Trainer Who 'Fat-Shamed' Woman's 'Belly' Exposed As Sending More Cruel Texts

Yesterday we reported on a personal trainer who mocked a woman's 'belly' only for the woman to turn the cards on him through a viral Facebook post.

And now it's turned out that body-shamer Jowan Townsend-Trahair has a history of cruelty towards women, having previously unleashed a foul mouthed rant towards 22-year-old Kell Johnson, after she broke up with one of his mates.


In a message, sent to her by Jowan, Kell said he claimed her former lover told him she looks like she'd been 'hit by a car, reversed over, picked up and thrown off a cliff' before being buried, dug back up and then 'shot in the face point blank with a shotgun'.

The fitness fanatic added: "U fat".

Credit: Kelly-Anne Johnson


Kelly-Anne, from Penzance, told Cornwall Live : "He is a horrible man and I hardly even knew him. I was seeing one of his friends and then when I ended it he messaged me out of nowhere calling me everything under the sun and saying some really hurtful things.

"I locked myself inside a lot as I was really quite hurt and had to stop going to the gym as he was working there at the time which was a shame because it's a brilliant gym. When I saw what happened to Kayleigh yesterday I couldn't believe that he'd done it to someone else too."

I comes after yesterday when Kayleigh Boase, 24, posted a photo on Snapchat captioned 'comfys on and chill', showing herself posing in her lounge clothes at home.

Later that day Kayleigh received a message from personal trainer Jowan Townsend-Trahair who sent the picture of Kayleigh, with a reply saying 'that belly'.

Credit: Facebook

After another exchange in which the pair discussed exercise routines, Kayleigh told him that she had neglected her core and cardio recently.

He responded by saying: "You used to be so sexy, shame Kayleigh."

Kayleigh then took a screenshot of the conversation before posting it on social media.

She accompanied it with a caption which read: "Idiots like this are what causes people to have eating disorders.

"Only an insecure bloke would try to belittle a woman. So screw you, I'm happy that's all that matters!'

Credit: Facebook

She later added: "It pissed me off. I just think if it was said to someone more sensitive, they could have been really upset and taken a real offence to it.

"It's so easy these days for someone to make that comment and it sticks with them, constantly thinking it over and doubting themselves."

Kayleigh's post then prompted a flood of supportive comments slamming the trainer.

Ross Millar wrote: "The fact he's a PT (personal trainer) as well is shocking! Part of the job is to make people feel better about themselves! Donut."

Chantelle Lamorna Gribble added: "No one should judge anyone's body, if the person is happy then leave them be. You have a good body. These people make me so mad. He's also meant to be a person trainer?

Credit: Facebook

"How would anyone want to train with him when he's judging people's weight?

"I would never train with someone who does things like that. He's would not be a good trainer if he's telling people they're fat you're meant to help people not put them down."

When Mr Townsend-Trahair responded,telling the Daily Mail via Facebook: "I love the attention. Crack-on brother", with a muscleman emoji.

He added: "For the record I wasn't 'body-shaming' anybody. I have already apologised to Kayleigh. This is funny [as fuck] but for now I'm busy bro' so peace out."

What a dickhead.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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