Lawyer Gives Up Working In Brazil's Court System To Become A Prostitute

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Lawyer Gives Up Working In Brazil's Court System To Become A Prostitute

It's hard work becoming a lawyer; in Britain it involves earning a bachelor's degree, passing a bar exam, and then completing further in-job training. It's not the kind of thing most people get involved in if they don't intend on making a career out of it.

If you would have been introduced to 34-year-old Claudia de Marchi before last year, you would have met a well-respected Brazilian attorney and an expert in constitutional law.

However, it turned out Claudia had bigger dreams than that. She secured her future in an entirely different business that she describes as providing her "with a better salary and higher job satisfaction."

She decided to pack-in the courts, move to the country's capital Brasilia, and begin providing sexual services to wealthy businessmen and politicians.


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Now working as a full-time prostitute, she earns around £150-an-hour in her new role.

She made £100,000 in the last year - far more than her lawyer's salary.


She also says that one of the reasons for her drastic change of direction was that she could no longer tolerate the "masculine selfishness and self-indulgence" of the legal world.

Charging £150 an hour, or £650 a night, Claudia claims she goes with two to three clients a day.

She revealed that it was her own mother who gave her the idea of making money by selling her body.


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She said: "One day my mother was watching a programme on TV interviewing luxury escort girls and was captivated by what they were saying. She encouraged me and when I took that decision, she supported me all the way.

"She said it was the most sensible decision that I've ever made in my life."

Claudia also claims to have standards as she refuses to go with clients who have bad grammar and who don't share her political views.


She said: "I do not attend men who speak or write wrongly and those who approach me as if I were an object.

"And I won't have sex with anybody who doesn't want to kiss me.

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"I'm not too keen on politicians; that's not the reason I came to Brasilia. But I also allow myself the luxury of not accepting certain people whose political persuasions don't go with mine.

"As much as I love sex, I cannot bring myself to get intimate with a fascist. You don't have to talk about politics to have sex, but just to think about the nonsense they defend, the foolish things they say, I get turned off.

"I don't have the stomach."

On her blog she often posts WhatsApp conversations with would-be clients she has rejected.

In one message, a man says he only has 280 reals (£70). Claudia replies: "Use it well. This doesn't even pay for a drop of my perfume. Kisses!"

And another man who begins his message "Good night. How much?" gets blocked.


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