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Nigel Farage Subject To Epic Troll In European Parliament

Nigel Farage Subject To Epic Troll In European Parliament

Earlier today Nigel Farage gave speech about border controls in the European Parliament, only to be trolled by a Labour MEP.

Whilst on the mic the former UKIP leader defended the US president's new immigration restrictions and accused European politicians of being 'anti-American'.


"What has happened here is that someone has stood here on a manifesto for election, got into office, and within one week said that he will hold faith with his own electorate," he said. "It is called genuine democracy, unlike the system we have in the European Union.

"I'm sure that it's a great shock to you to see a genuinely elected democrat is doing what he was put in to do."

But whilst he talked about border control he was blissfully unaware a Labour MEP was holding a sign behind him which read: "HE'S LYING TO YOU".

Watch a video of him speaking here...


Credit: European Union

Did you spot it...

Credit: Twitter

As the Eurosceptic right-winger raised his voice in the chamber during a debate on border control in the US, Seb Dance MEP sat behind him holding the sign and an arrow pointed towards Farage.

Speaking about why he did it Dance told BuzzFeed News: "Mainstream politics must be more willing to challenge the nationalists and the populists.

"They pretend to stand up for people who are suffering but their diet of hate, division, and suspicion create only misery and poverty. It's time to stop the nuanced language: They're liars."

UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge responded by making an official complaint to the parliament's president. His letter read: "The officials failed to remove him until the end of the speech and when I raised the matter it was not treated with sufficient seriousness by the acting chair."

Dance also retweeted journalists who were sharing a still from the European Parliament's feed of him trolling Farage with the sign.

Although he's no longer the leader of the UK Independent Party, Farage remains a member of European Parliament - at least until Brexit that is.

"Let us invite President Trump to come to this European parliament," said Farage, during the debate. "I'm sure as democrats you would all agree that we need to have an open dialogue with the newly elected most powerful man in the world. If you throw that rejection back in my face then you prove yourselves to be the anti-democratic zealots I always thought you were."

Farage was the first UK politician to meet Donald Trump following his victory over Hillary Clinton.

Farage speaks following Trump's victory. Credit: BBC

The two of them met for an hour in November and, according to the Telegraph , Farage used the occasion to press him on the important issue of returning a bust of Sir Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.

Speaking afterwards he said that Trump, an Anglophile, was 'excited' by the idea and was 'very positive' about returning the bust to the White House - something that Trump has subsequently enacted since moving into the Oval Office.

The two have since met multiple times.

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