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Suspecting Dogs Give Kisses To Their Brother Dog Who Is Getting Put Down

Suspecting Dogs Give Kisses To Their Brother Dog Who Is Getting Put Down

The time had come for 11-year-old Sef to say goodbye, and the other two dogs could sense it.

Grab your tissues, people, because this one's a tear-jerker.

Anybody who's ever lost a pet knows just how heartbreaking it is to say those final goodbyes. So it's no surprise that this story has left readers absolutely distraught.

A Reddit user posted this heartbreaking photo of his three Belgian Malinois dogs sharing kisses before they said their final goodbyes.


After a long and happy life with his owners, the oldest dog, 11-year-old Sef, was to be put to sleep later that morning.

And their owner reckons the other two dogs knew.

"You know you have a good boy when your vet doesn't normally do at-home euthanasia, but she volunteers to come out and do it for Sef," said the user in his post.

"And that's what happened this morning. Somehow Rhonin and Jaina both knew, because they kept coming over and giving Sef kisses this morning while we waited for the vet."


I told you it was going to be a tearjerker...

The Reddit user continued, saying: "Sef was able to go peacefully at home, while my wife and I stroked his fur and told him how much we loved him and how much we were going to miss him.

"I love you, Sef. You were the best boy I could have ever asked for. I would have carried you forever, had I been able to, but it wasn't fair for you."

Are you crying yet? Don't be ashamed if you are, because below the post are hundreds of comments from readers who were left devastated by the heart-wrenching story.

"Everyone remember to stay hydrated. This is a rough one," warned one blubbering reader.

Another user commented: "I am not crying in my cubicle at work right now."

While another, more distraught reader, said: "I'm not crying, I'm sobbing. My dog was trained a service dog and now she's sitting on me because she's trained to ground during panic attacks."


The dog's owner told LADbible that since Sef was put to sleep his other two pooches have been a bit down in the dumps.

"We have two dogs still," he said. "A five-year old male named Rhonin and a two-year old female named Jaina.

"Rhonin has a very soft personality, and I can tell he still thinks something is wrong, although that might just be because he's picking up on my general demeanour.

"Jaina is more outgoing and energetic, so she doesn't seem too phased by it....but last night she did come over to the couch and sniff around at the blanket on the couch that has been Sef's "spot" for the last five months or so.

"She also knows she's not allowed on the couch, but last night after sniffing it out she jumped up on it and curled up where Sef would normally be. And normally Jaina wants to be next to people, but her head faced away from my wife and I and she just rested her head on the arm of the couch. I think she does know that something is different or wrong."


Following up on his original post, the owner wrote: "Thanks for the kind words everyone. We said our goodbyes and he's getting cremated so we can put his ashes on the mantle next to our first dog. He was the best boy I could have ever asked for.

"Love you buddy. I hope you had a wonderful time."

Sef's owners are hoping that those who were touched by this sad story will donate in his honour to the American Belgian Malinois Rescue, where they got him from. You can do so here.

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