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Man Sells All His Possessions And Bets Entire Life Savings On One Single Roulette Spin

Man Sells All His Possessions And Bets Entire Life Savings On One Single Roulette Spin

The spin of a lifetime...

Even avid gamblers will wince at the story of Ashley Revell, the chancer who sold all of his possessions and bet his life savings on one single roulette spin. 

Back in 2004, the Londoner, who was 32 at the time, decided to sell everything he had - including his home and his clothes - to gamble £76,840 (US$135,300) all on red at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

The unbelievable event was filmed by Sky One for a reality show called Double or Nothing, with viewers helping Revell make his decision over whether to go with red or black. 

Ashley made history with his high-risk gamble back in 2004.

Speaking to CNN about what was going through his head when it happened, he said: “It was just... pleading that I'd pick[ed] it and that it would come in red. 

“Before I actually walked up to the wheel, I was thinking about putting it on black, and then suddenly the guy was spinning the ball around and all the Sky viewers said… they [had] voted that I should put it on red.

“So suddenly I just put it all on red.”

You can take a look at the heart-stopping moment here:

It was a daring move, and one that paid off because Revell doubled his money to £153,680 ($270,600).

He continued: “I was just pleading that it would come in and I'd get lucky this time. 

“What I was really worried about was that I'd lose and my parents would be upset and my family would, you know, all my friends would be upset. 

“So I was obviously just so happy when it came in.”

The incredible feat was viewed around the world and was even the inspiration to another reality show - Red or Black

At the time, Revell wisely walked away with the prize money and used it on an online poker company called Poker UTD.

Although this didn’t work out, he also spent some of the cash on a cross-Europe motorbike road-trip where he ended up meeting his future wife. 

Safe to say that his tiny decision had a huge impact on his life. 

So much so that 15 years after his big win, Revell returned to Las Vegas where the Plaza commemorated the win and its new single zero roulette table with a promotional free chip to players. 

Revell even placed a ceremonial bet, although the stakes weren’t quite as high this time round. 

Per KSNV News, he said: “I have said that the roulette spin at the Plaza was the most amazing moment of my life.

“Single 0 roulette wasn’t around back then. Clearly a lot has changed in gaming and at the Plaza. So, I am excited to return, and hopefully, we can all celebrate another successful roulette spin.”

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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