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Man who sold all his possessions and bet entire life savings on one single roulette spin returned to Vegas 15 years later

Man who sold all his possessions and bet entire life savings on one single roulette spin returned to Vegas 15 years later

Ashley Revell bet his entire life savings on one spin of the roulette table

A man who sold almost everything he owned and bet his life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel in Las Vegas returned 15 years later to have another go.

Ashley Revell was 32 years old in 2004 when he sold his home and most of his clothes to place one bet of his life savings.

His decision was followed by reality TV show Double or Nothing and in a spectacular twist viewers were able to help Ashley choose how he'd bet his life savings.

Having sold off pretty much everything he owned he marched into the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with £76,840 ($135,300) burning a hole in his pocket and made his way to the roulette table.

Once there only one question remained: red or black?

Ashley later admitted that he'd been 'thinking about putting it on black' but since the viewers voted that he ought to bet on red he followed their lead.

Ashley bet his life savings on red and won big.
YouTube/Plaza Hotel and Casino

It turned out pretty well for him as the roulette result was indeed red and Ashley doubled his money, spending some of it on a motorbike trip across Europe where he met his wife.

15 years later, he returned to Las Vegas and the Plaza Hotel & Casino for another go on the roulette tables.

He joked that the casino looked 'cleaner and newer, unlike me' than when he'd doubled his life savings and told the Plaza's owner he'd 'come back and give you the chance to win some of your money back'.

Of course Ashley ended up back at the roulette table and made the fateful statement 'what could possibly go wrong' before a crowd who'd come to see him take another spin on the table.

I think you can guess what Ashley's second result was.
YouTube/Plaza Hotel and Casino

Yet again, Ashley decided to put his money on red and when the ball came to a rest he cheered with the crowd around him as he'd won yet again.

In general we wouldn't advise selling everything you own in the world and sticking it all on a turn of the roulette table but things seemed to work out pretty well for Ashley.

Of course there's another version of this where he saw his life savings go down the drain because he gambled it all away in a game of chance.

While Ashley said it had been 'the most amazing moment of my life' his dad had warned him that he was doing something very silly, though after his son's first win he shook his hand in congratulations.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Ashley Revell/Plaza Hotel and Casino

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