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Excruciating moment bodybuilder 'tears pec from bone' while bench-pressing

Excruciating moment bodybuilder 'tears pec from bone' while bench-pressing

A bodybuilder tore their pec from their bone while bench-pressing and it looks absolutely excruciating


The excruciating moment a bodybuilder's pec rips away from his bone was caught on camera, though it's really not for the squeamish... Watch it here, if you've got the guts:

In the video, 25-year-old bodybuilder Ryan Crowley from the UK was bench pressing while at a gym in Dubai.

As he lowers the bar towards his chest, his pectoral muscle appears to pop outwards and away from his bone, causing him to roar in pain - which is pretty understandable when your muscle has been torn off the bone.

Luckily, he had people around to spot him and deal with the massive weights he was lifting so they wouldn't cause him serious harm by falling on him.

It's not known how much he was attempting to lift when the accident happened, but it was enough to cause a serious injury.

A GoFundMe was set up to cover the bodybuilder's treatment as the excruciating injury wasn't included in his medical insurance.

Fortunately, Crowley managed to get the surgery he needed as the GoFundMe raised more than £27,000 in a week from 1,300 donations.

In a later post on social media, Crowley thanks those who donated, saying that he wouldn't have been able to get his muscle fixed to 'the right standard' if it hadn't been for the extra money.

The procedure itself ended up taking four hours after doctors didn't realise the extent of the injury, they had been expecting it to take only one hour.

Doctors had to reconstruct his pec muscle because the tendon had ripped off the bone, and the muscle then came off the tendon.

Crowley was then discharged from hospital to continue his recovery.

Speaking on social media at the time, Ryan said: "An incredible thank you so much to everyone who has been involved and supported me in this terrible time, it's been extremely devastating, painful and very mentally and physically impossible, but I'm keeping as strong and positive as I can."

The bodybuilder has since updated people on his recovery, explaining that it was frustrating as he 'can’t do anything I used to, let alone try to be better than I was before'.

He said everything was back to normal except for his chest, which was still in need of a lot of work to get back to where he was.

Since then he's been continuing to document his progress and his increased ability to use his chest muscles.

He looks in better shape than most of us could ever dream of being in, and the bodybuilder seems determined not to give up on his recovery.

Featured Image Credit: @ryancrowley97/Instagram

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