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Charlie Day risked criminal record when he watched Wrexham this season

Charlie Day risked criminal record when he watched Wrexham this season

Charlie Day almost got himself in some deep trouble while watching a Wrexham match

Charlie Day almost got himself in some deep trouble when he came across the pond to watch a Wrexham game.

The It's Always Sunny star is a good friend of the club's co-owner Rob McElhenney, who he knows from working on the show.

And like a number of famous faces, he paid a visit to the Welsh city to see his pal and watch the National League side in action.

However, it seems the actor didn't realise that we do things a little differently over here when it comes to sporting events.

Speaking on the RobRyanRed podcast, McElhenney said Day had come over to see Wrexhams' game against Yeovil, which they won 3-0.

But he almost found himself in hot water with the police.

Charlie Day at a Wrexham match with Rob McElhenney.
PA Images/Alamy

McElhenney said: "He was the only one to get busted drinking alcohol because he didn't know.

"I mean, what people truly don't understand is Americans we don't understand that rule, we didn't know that was a rule.

"So he was sitting outside in the box drinking a beer and nobody noticed or didn't say anything and somebody took a still frame and texted it to me.

"They said, 'Get your boy off the balcony or you're going to get a fine', and, of course, he ran back inside because he had no idea what the law was and that's something he'll take to his grave."

In the UK, it's illegal to bring alcohol into a stadium; you can buy a pint at the bar, but you're not allowed to take it to your seat.

Even if you're sat in the posh seat, as Day was.

If you're caught, you can face a hefty fine, and in some instances a criminal discharge - which is added to your record.

Day didn't realise you're not allowed to drink in the football ground.
PA Images/Alamy

Fortunately for the actor, though, he managed to hide his drink away before the fuzz caught on.

And while they initially banned famous faces from coming over, Day isn't the only celeb to join Ryan Reynolds and McElhenney for a match.

"We had an unofficial rule we didn't stick to after we lost at Wembley in the FA Trophy final last year," McElhenney said.

"We decided no more celebrities because they were just a bad luck charm but I guess we don't have to worry about that anymore."

Reynolds laughed, adding: "Yeah it sort of worked out. Will [Ferrell] saw a great game. Emma [Corrin] saw an amazing match as well.

"Glen [Howerton] and Charlie [Day] and Kaitlin [Olson] saw a great one. We've had Paul and Joe Russo. They saw just the one to end it. I mean that was just the most incredible thing."

Featured Image Credit: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock/kaitlinolson/Instagram

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