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Conor McGregor Concerns Fans After Appearing To Smoke Joint Despite Giving Up Alcohol To Focus On Training

Conor McGregor Concerns Fans After Appearing To Smoke Joint Despite Giving Up Alcohol To Focus On Training

The Notorious has been enjoying himself in the south of France

Conor McGregor's latest antics have caused some concern among fans after he appeared to be smoking a joint during a trip to France. Watch below:

The UFC legend had previously stated that he was binning the booze to focus on his training ahead of his long-awaited comeback.

However, he's been cutting loose in the south of France and shared some videos from his nights out.

And in one of his most recent posts, the Notorious - a little worse for wear, by the looks of it - can be seen smoking what seems to be a joint while singing to himself.

It's led to some of his followers questioning his dedication to the sport, with a few worried that the 33-year-old won't be able to compete at the highest level if he does get back into the octagon.

Some fans are worried after McGregor appeared to be smoking a joint.

Commenting on the post, one user said: "What the f*** are you doing? Do you realise why Mayweather is so successful?

"The guy trains none stop and isn’t getting high or drunk and that’s why he is greatest and you could have been as well but you’re washed up man, the heart is no longer in the game."

Echoing the shock, another wrote: "I thought Conor said he was going to stop drinking to focus on training four months ago."

A third said: "He's done. Remember how he use to come back from injuries the focus and determination nothing but drive and clean living because he was chasing the bag and the gold now he's a millionaire.

"He has done it all he doesn't have to, he's half in half out and he always said that. He will return, but don't be betting for him to win, a shell of his former self."

McGregor is working on his comeback after breaking his leg in his last fight.

While another added: "A joint is the only thing he’s going to smoke these days… Who can blame him, he doesn’t need to fight properly anymore."

Not everyone was so concerned about him, though.

Some of his fans backed his corner and didn't see a problem with him having a good time.

"He’s been training hard can the man not enjoy himself after a day of training?" asked one.

McGregor has certainly been enjoying his time away.

Over the weekend, he finally got the chance to take his new £2.9 million superyacht for a spin.

McGregor splashed out on the Lamborghini Technomar superyacht back in 2021, but took delivery of his new toy over the weekend.

The top-end yacht can reach speeds of up to 70mph, with two 4,000 horsepower V12 engines, MMA Mania reports.

It also comes kitted out with a fully operational kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

Not content with simply having one of the fanciest yachts money can buy, McGregor also reportedly spent a further $500,000 (£390,000) on customisation, mostly on branding the boat with his whisky brand Proper Twelve.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/thenotoriousmma

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