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Twenty Seven-Stone MMA Fighter Flattened By Nine-Stone Rival In Mismatch Bout

Twenty Seven-Stone MMA Fighter Flattened By Nine-Stone Rival In Mismatch Bout

A shocking fight in Russia saw a 27 stone man flattened with punch from rival who weighed three times less

A 27-stone MMA fighter somehow managed to be flattened by his 9-stone opponent. Check out the moment below:

The Epic Fighting Championships in Russia are known for their infamous mismatches and have seen things as brutal as two-on-one fights - with some even involving pensioners.

But on this occasion, blogger Alexey Belyaev, 27, took on 18-year-old Vladislav Popov – whose nickname is 'Psycho'.

Belyaev weighed in at 175kg compared to Popov, who was just 57kg.

The bigger man also enjoyed a 20cm height advantage.

The fighting started with something of a wild affair as the two chased each other around the cage. Popov attempted to swing punches at Belyaev, but many of these were smothered due to the bigger man's size.

Epic Fighting Championship

At one point in the first round, Belyaev managed to get his opponent in a headlock before a cornerman climbed over the cage in a bid to separate the fighters.

He was chased away by the referee, but the distraction allowed Popov to land a sickening sucker-punch, which appeared to almost knock-out his much heavier opponent.

Belyaev was attended by his team, and the match quickly resumed a few minutes later. He prevailed in the second round when he took Popov to the floor and landed a number of blows.

Popov's corner threw a pair of gloves into the cage in an act of surrender; one that appeared to leave Popov furious.

Epic Fighting Championship

On the same night, another Epic Fighting match descended into chaos after a three-on-three fight ended with a mass brawl in the cage between cornermen.

Previous Epic Fighting events have included a bizarre two-on-one match in which 75-year-old Vladimir Spartak and his grandson, Big Igibob, fought against female MMA fighter Yulia Mishko, aka ‘the Tomboy’.

Another bizarre match had female strawweight Aleksandra Stepakova and male heavyweight Grigory Chistyakov stun the crowd when they stepped inside the cage to face one another. In footage shared on social media, the pair can be seen going at it, with neither fighter holding back.

In January 2022, Epic Fighting Championships again made headlines when a fan jumped into the cage and attempted to stop the ongoing intergender match between female model Sasha Mamaha and male pornstar Alexander Pistoletov.

While these bizarre mismatches can be seen commonly in Russian MMA, it seems as if UK audiences are not quite ready for this to transfer over here.

In September 2021, an Evolution of Combat 9 match was stopped by the referee in the first round.

The controversial match saw 21-year-old Craig Wood get into the cage against welterweight fighter Aron Leo.

Unsurprisingly, Wood lost within 15 seconds.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Fighting Championship

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