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Football fan steals the spotlight from ex-Miss Croatia

Football fan steals the spotlight from ex-Miss Croatia

A football fan stole the spotlight from ex-Miss Croatia during a TV interview after Croatia's game against Brazil

A football fan has stolen the spotlight from former Miss Croatia after the controversial model did an interview on TV following a game.

Ivana Knoll has received a lot of publicity at the 2022 Qatar World Cup for some of her risque outfits at games.

The model shot to fame after being spotted in previous World Cups, and Qatar has been no different.

While she is usually the centre of attention, this one football fan stole it off her while she was doing an interview after Croatia's victory on penalties against Brazil in the quarter-finals on Friday (9 December). Watch it below:

In the interview, Ivana was asked by the reporter who she thought Croatia would get in the semi-finals of the tournament.

While the former Miss Croatia answers that she thinks Argentina would be the best option because Croatia would easily win in her eyes, a fellow Croatia fan is in the background.

The man jumps in front of Ivana and simply says "I am also from Croatia" to the camera, while another fan posed for a picture with the model.

The footage was posted to TikTok by the account Fútbol Ec, with it going viral at over three million views.

Football fans have reacted hilariously at the short interview clip, and we are sure that 'I am also from Croatia' is going to be memed.

The man interrupted the interview just to say he was from Croatia.
futbolecua/ TikTok

One person jokingly said: "Does anybody know if the guy behind her is from Croatia."

A second added: "remember Guys Hes also from Croatia."

But a third was not too impressed: "I'm Croatian and I'm kinda ashamed after this interview."

Ivana has risked getting fined or even arrested in Qatar for some of the outfits she has been wearing in public.

Qatar's tourism board told fans ahead of the World Cup to show 'respect for local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public', while people should 'ensure their shoulders and knees are covered'.

In the actual football, Croatia have made it to the final four and will face Argentina in the semi-finals on Tuesday (13 December).

Former Miss Croatia has promised fans that she will get naked if Croatia do lift the World Cup trophy on 18 December.

Former Miss Croatia has said she will go naked if her country wins the World Cup.
@knolldoll / Instagram

She made the revelation to German media who asked her how she would celebrate if Croatia won the World Cup.

Like all of her World Cup outfits, Ivana was boasting a Croatian flag at the time, and told reporters in response to Croatia lifting the trophy that 'if that happens, the flag falls...'

Featured Image Credit: futbolecua/ TikTok

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