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Football fan predicted the result of the 2022 World Cup final seven years ago

Stewart Perrie

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Football fan predicted the result of the 2022 World Cup final seven years ago

People were absolutely blown away by Argentina's win over France at the World Cup in Qatar.

It was an outstanding match that saw the score locked at 3-3 at the final whistle.

After 30 minutes of extra time, the game was pushed into nail-biting penalties, which saw the South American country come out on top with 4-2 goals.

While some couldn't have imagined a result like that, it seems like one bloke certainly did.


José Miguel Polanco posted a tweet seven years ago that predicted how the World Cup was going to end.

He wrote: "December 18, 2022. 34 year old Leo Messi will win the World Cup and become the greatest player of all times. Check back with me in 7 years."

Well, he couldn't have been more right. Actually, the only thing he was wrong about is that Messi is 35 not 34.


He posted a reply in January this year as the World Cup was edging closer.

Polanco said: "The number of people who put the reminder in the tweet scares me, at the end of the year they are going to lynch me."

Not only has he managed to predict the final result, he also highlighted what many have been saying since the Argentina vs France match ended: Messi is the GOAT.

People couldn't believe José managed to accurately predict the final result so far away.


One person wrote: "How this prediction is accurate is still strange too many questions to be answered."


A third added: "Nice call…..enjoy the moment."

Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

What's even better is that José was in Qatar to watch the incredible moment, which had been seven years in the making, happen in real-time.

During the World Cup, there was a person claiming to be a time traveller from the future who said they knew who would win the tournament.

TikTok account @worldcuptimetraveller shared a video in which they claimed Brazil would beat France in the final 2-1.

Obviously, that's not what happened during the tournament and loads of people called the TikTok user out for getting it wrong.


Commenting on the viral prediction video, one person wrote: "Brazil is out, you aint no time traveler. Me waiting till he removes the video."

But the 'time traveller' is going to keep it up.

Replying to the comment, they wrote: "Bro i made +500€ with this video i wont delete it."

To be fair, we might want to take their earnings claims with a pinch of salt too, given they have form for shamelessly talking absolute s***e on the internet.

Featured Image Credit: dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo. UK Sports Pics Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

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Stewart Perrie
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