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The Heartbreaking Reason Sarina Wiegman Kissed Her Wrist During Euros Final

The Heartbreaking Reason Sarina Wiegman Kissed Her Wrist During Euros Final

England manager Sarina Wiegman kissed her wrist as the Lionesses won the Euros final and the reason why is heartbreaking.

England have won Euro 2022 due in no small part to the managerial magnificence of Sarina Wiegman.

Beating Germany 2-1 thanks to goals from Ella Toone and Chole Kelly, it's the first major international trophy an England team have won since the men lifted the World Cup all the way back in 1966.

It's a staggering achievement and one which triggered huge celebrations across a country that has waited more than five decades to see players with three lions on the shirt lift some silverware.

The Lionesses themselves were unable to contain their well deserved joy after their victory, storming Wiegman's post match press conference to chant 'it's coming home'.

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It's the first time Germany have lost a Euros final, while Wiegman herself has now won the competition back-to-back after clinching it with her native Netherlands back in 2017.

She has taken an England team that reached the semi-finals of the 2019 World Cup and turned them into one that scored a historic win at Wembley.

Amid all the cheers, chanting and celebration that rightly followed the Lionesses victory, cameras spotted Wiegman kissing a bracelet on her wrist, and the manager later revealed the heartbreaking reason why.

Wiegman explained that the bracelet had belonged to her sister, who died in June shortly before the tournament started.

She said: "I'm kissing this little armband that was my sister's. My sister passed away during our prep camps.

"She would have been here. She would have been really proud of me and I would have been proud of her too."

The manager went on to say she thought her sister was there for the game, smiling and saying 'I think she was on the crossbar', a reference to a nail-biting moment where Germany's Lina Magull fired a shot towards goal which bounced off the bar and away to safety.

The Lionesses wore black armbands in their friendly against Belgium on 16 June in tribute to Sarina Wiegman's sister.
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The Lionesses had previously paid their own tribute to Wiegman's sister, with the players asking if they could wear black armbands to signal their mourning for their manager's personal loss.

Wiegman at the time said the offer showed her players were 'such great people', the manager had also been given time off from the pre-tournament training camp to grieve for her sister.

Only appointed as England manager 10 months ago, and the first permanent non-British manager to take charge of the Lionesses, Wiegman has underlined her exceptional ability with a record breaking Euros final victory.

Her England team not only dealt Germany their first ever Euros final defeat, they also beat the German's record for scoring the most goals at a Euros.

England's 22 goals, the last of which being Chloe Kelly's winner that secured the trophy for the Lionesses, eclipsed a 21-goal record set by Germany at Euro 2009.

Wiegman will lead the Lionesses to the World Cup next year, where fans will be hoping she can continue her incredible managerial record in the job.

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