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Adult website offers to sponsor Inter Milan shirts for Champions League final

Adult website offers to sponsor Inter Milan shirts for Champions League final

Adult subscription platform My.Club has offered to sponsor Inter Milan ahead of their Champions League final against Manchester City

An adult subscription website has offered to sponsor the shirts of Inter Milan for their forthcoming Champions League final against Manchester City.

So far, Inter have navigated their way through the final knockout stages with the club’s famous black and blue striped kits – nerazzurri, for the football hipsters out there – bearing no sponsor.

That’s because their previous sponsor, cryptocurrency firm Digitalbits, was removed from the kit in March after Inter didn’t get any money from the paid agreement.

And that paid agreement was a significant amount, too – with the deal being worth £75 million when they signed on back in 2021.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that Inter are about to enter the biggest game in their recent history without a sponsor on the front of their shirts, which is where the adult subscription platform, My.Club, have stepped in with a massive offer.

Inter have been without a sponsor since March.
Nicolò Campo/Alamy Stock Photo

Much like the previous sponsor, My.Club also deal in digital bits, but in a slightly different context.

The company has proposed an £80 million – €100 million – to feature on the iconic Internazionale shirt until 2029.

It’s less than many Premier League clubs would receive for a headline front-of-shirt sponsorship, and probably less than Inter would want next season, but it’s still a lot of money.

My.Club set up an exclusive page in honour of the club, which reads: "This page and T-shirt secured exclusively for probably the best football team in Europe."

If Inter choose to use that page, then they can post exclusive content for their fans, as well as charging a monthly fee.

They could even have interviews with players, coaches, and legends if they want.

So long as everyone agrees to keep their top on.

Inter will be underdogs in the Champions League final.
Giuseppe Maffia/Alamy Stock Photo

Mike Ford, the My.Club president, said: "Here at My.Club we’re all about penetrating new verticals.

“Much how Inter’s players squeeze their balls into tight spaces, into the box and then score, we’re looking to do the same.”

That's sailing close to the wind there.

He added: “We want to sponsor them as they conquer Europe.

“We can increase their visibility along the way and help drive interactivity, engagement and ultimately boost their authentic communication with fans.

“We’d love to see Lautaro Martínez sharing his exclusive footage on My.Club after the final CL game vs Man City.”

My.Club have offered millions to get onto Inter's shirts.

Wouldn’t we all?

However, Inter will enter the final as serious underdogs, with Manchester City – led by Norwegian goal-monster Erling Haaland – steamrolling ominously towards an historic treble.

Still, Inter will have a puncher’s chance on June 10 in Istanbul, and many neutrals will be behind them.

Whether or not they’ll have My.Club on the front of them, however, remains to be seen.

Featured Image Credit: Nicolò Campo/Giuseppe Maffia/Alamy

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