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Kinsey Wolanski Has Had A Wild Life Since Streaking During Liverpool's Last Champions League Final

Kinsey Wolanski Has Had A Wild Life Since Streaking During Liverpool's Last Champions League Final

The 24-year-old American is now reportedly a millionaire after shooting to fame with the 2019 stunt

Kinsey Wolanski, the American model who ran onto the pitch during the 2019 Champions League Final to promote 'Vitaly Uncensored', is now reportedly a millionaire – among other things.

Wolanski's stunt generated headlines around the world after she temporarily halted the showpiece match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool – in which she promoted her then-boyfriend's pornographic website.

However, since then, the 25-year-old appears to have put the publicity to good use.

Almost overnight, she accrued more than two million Instagram followers, although this was only after her account was briefly suspended by Spanish officials.

According to the Daily Star, the self-described 'stuntwoman and investor' has used her newfound fame in the intervening years to launch her own sportswear line.

A report from Fanbuzz even goes as far as to suggest that she has became a millionaire, quoting a personal fortune of £3.5 million.

As well as the aforementioned disturbance at the 2019 Champions League Final, Wolanski also broke into the Skiing World Cup three years ago to hold up a sign with the words "RIP Kobe" on it.

Her punishment for streaking at the match in Madrid was a £12,000 fine for violating UEFA rules, followed by a £7,200 fine for breaking 'free advertising' rules.

A copycat incident also took place last year, when another individual streaked onto the pitch at the SuperBowl to advertise 'Vitaly Uncensored'.

Wolanski meanwhile seems content with her decision from three years ago, which she recently claimed will help her retire by the age of 30.

While she no longer promotes the site, Vitaly Uncensored is still very much operational. It is a self-described X-rated website, vowing 'wild pranks and no rules', launched by former Youtuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

He labels his content 'pranks on another level, something you've never seen before, way too explicit for YouTube'. Explaining why he decided to found the adult site, Zdorovetskiy told The Sun: "When the censors tell me 'no', I say 'f*** them'."

Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTube personality best known for prank channel VitalyzdTv.

His videos have amassed over 1.65 billion views and over 10 million subscribers as of May 2022.

According to The Sun, he took part in much of the porn production himself, starring for Bang Bros in 2011 together with actress Diamond Kitty.

On the three year anniversary of the 2019 Champions League Final, it remains to be seen whether the notorious prankster has anything up his sleeve for this year's final clash between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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