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Liam Gallagher Apologises For 'Letting Fans Down' With Death Threat Tweet

Liam Gallagher Apologises For 'Letting Fans Down' With Death Threat Tweet

Liam Gallagher has apologised to fans after he sent a tweet that 'let all my fans down'

Liam Gallagher has apologised to fans after he tweeted a death threat to footballer Stefan Savic.

It all started on Wednesday (13 April), when Manchester City - the team Gallagher supports - went up against Savic's team Atlético Madrid, that ended in 0-0. However, City secured themselves a place in the semi-final of the Champions League, leading to a lot of tension on the pitch.

A number of scuffles broke out between the teams both on pitch and in the tunnel, with Savic being seen grabbing Jack Grealish by the hair, which lead to police having to intervene.

A number of scuffles broke out between the two teams during Wednesday's match.

Following the altercation, the former Oasis' member's decided to issue a pretty brutal tweet aimed at Savic and his behaviour.

"Stefan Savic this is a threat if I come across you ya goofy looking C**T your dead MCFC," he wrote.

The tweet was then deleted by Gallagher, but seeing as he posted it online, obviously, a lot of people had already seen it.

Having seemingly reflected on his words, the musician took to Twitter today (15 April, with Gallagher saying: "Im really upset and annoyed at myself I feel I’ve let all my fans down by my outlandish behaviour I’m a role model to GROWN UPS hope you can forgive me."

Fans were quick to respond to the apology, with one offering some savage advice: "Never act when you are upset or angry, calm down and think, then you’ll be in the right frame of mind."

Gallagher replied, saying in a slightly sarcastic tone: "Ok Thsnx for that advice I’m really gonna take that on board."

However, another didn't seem to think it would help, noting: "Don't be daft, I've been banned from Facebook 4 times this year for instant anger posts then removed them when i calmed down and still got banned."

While one other wrote: "Will you keep the love train going?" to which Gallagher replied: "Yes I’ll give it my best shot even though it might come of the rails every now and again."

However, Gallagher wasn't the only one who had to address their behaviour post-match.

Koke, a midfielder for Atlético Madrid, stood by his team after the brawl took place in the tunnel.

"The match takes you to that madness when you see that you have chances, and they drop to the ground and waste time," he said post-match.

"Many times, we are criticised for this situation, but today it was them. Let’s see what people think of this. Today it has been seen, we are Atletico de Madrid, and I am proud of this team," he added.

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