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MMA fighter sucker punches YouTuber during middle of interview

MMA fighter sucker punches YouTuber during middle of interview

The fighter has engaged in similar behaviour in the past

An MMA fighter made quite the cameo in a YouTuber's television interview.

While there is no shortness of beef within the MMA industry, it's clear that Amadeusz 'Ferrari' Roslik took the violence one step too far. Watch the clip below:

The MMA fighter launched an impromptu attack mid-interview against YouTuber Sadek.

The interview in question, before Roslik crashed it, was between Sadik and Polish journalist Monika Laskowska.

Out of nowhere, Roslik appears on screen, running into the pair and hitting the unaware YouTuber with a nasty right hook.

Sadik instantly falls to the floor while Laskowska looks on in utter shock.

Some moments later, the YouTuber picks himself up off the floor, seemingly discombobulated, whilst Laskowska holds him back. The clip ends with the YouTuber rubbing his forehead.

This isn't the first time this has happened as Roslik has been reprimanded in the past for similar actions.

Back in 2020, he was disqualified for breaking official MMA rules when he continued attacking his opponent whilst he was already on the floor.

The YouTuber was totally blind-sighted by the sucker punch.

According to the Sun, Sadek has been a recurrent critic of Roslik and reportedly made negative comments about his family, which is believed to have caused the fighter to attack him.

LADbible has reached out to Roslik's representatives for comment.

The video has since received over 70k views on YouTube, with many people weighing in on the sucker punch.

One person picked up on the potential legal repercussions of the attack, saying: "That's one hell of a dig! Should face the same charges that you'd face if you did that on the street.

"Just because you're about to have a legally sanctioned fighting contest doesn't mean you can assault the opponent before the event! He's probably compromised after that blow too. Banned at least I say," they continued.

Others called for the MMA fighter to face consequences, with one person exclaiming: "Ban him from MMA sport for life!"

The video was also shared to Facebook, where hundreds more flocked to share their reactions to the attack.

This isn't Roslik's first run-in with this kind of behaviour.

One user praised Sadek for taking the punch 'like a champ': "Yes he went down. But he got up. And that was a pretty vicious hit."

Some found the whole ordeal slightly immature, with another person sarcastically commenting: "Because this is how adults handle things. 'He said mean things so I attacked him physically.'"

Roslik was preparing to face his next MMA test this weekend, however, it is now unclear whether he will attend.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: CombatRasta/YouTube

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