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Olympic champion turns up at son's school and destroys parents in 100m race

Olympic champion turns up at son's school and destroys parents in 100m race

There's getting a head start and then there's this!

There's getting a head start and then there's this. Prepare to start seriously amping up your training if you're kid's got a sports day coming up:

It hardly seems fair to show up to a parent's 100m race for your children's school sports day with the advantage of having won multiple Olympics medals in the event.

Not only that, but even more so when you're regarded as one of the best sprinters of all time.

Then again, we all know how competitive parents can get on their children's sports days.

If you're the sort of parent who sneaks in some extra practice with the old egg and spoon or does a quick warm-up before your children's sports day, unfortunately, your plans would've been thoroughly thwarted if your kid goes to the same school as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's son.

It took just seconds for Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to speed ahead of the other parents.

The Jamaican track and field sprinter - who competed in the Olympics in the 60, 100 and 200 metres - didn't hold back at her son's sports day even though there would be no real gold medal waiting for her at the finish line.

Taking to social media, account Track and Field Gazette re-shared a clip of the eight-time Olympic medallist taking part in the parent's race - originally posted by Instagram user Amelia Gordon (@_ammago_).

"She is surely having fun!" the account captioned the video.

The other parents were no match for the Olympian.
Instagram/ @_ammago_

Viewers have flocked to the comments in stitches over Fraser-Pryce taking no prisoners and treating the event as if it were any other competition, despite being against parents and not fellow Olympians.

One wrote: "Imagine showing up to the parents race and Shelly Ann Frayer-Price is one of the parents/runners yeah ok."

"That’s my Sprint Queen now y’all see why the World love this Queen so much she’s just a gem. No sah Shelly you neva did av to go so hard. parents gonna be nursing wounds for weeks n months pupa jeezas," a second wrote.

Some users - likely slightly bitter parents - suggested the other competitors should have been allowed a head start or that Fraser-Pryce should've been required to slow down her pace.

It seems the Olympian is just as competitive on the school track!
MAXPPP / Alamy Stock Photo

However, many admitted it still wouldn't have made much difference.

One user wrote: "They should have been given a 20 meter head start. Just to make it interesting. Lol."

"Shelly you coulda fast walk. Love you to pieces," a second added, while another commented: "Unfair. She shoulda run backwards."

A final simply resolved: "If I were ever in that race and saw Shelly, I’d just sit down."

Fraser-Pryce even took to social media herself to respond to the re-shared footage, joking: "Every point counts."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Track_Gazette

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