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Referee Refuses To Disqualify Boxer Who Bit Opponent

Referee Refuses To Disqualify Boxer Who Bit Opponent

Fans were left confused as to why boxer Nicolas Pablo Demario wasn't disqualified for biting Josue Vargas.

Fans were left questioning a referee's decision when boxer Nicolas Pablo Demario wasn't disqualified for biting his opponent, Josue Vargas, during their latest fight.

On Saturday night (26 March) at Resorts World in Las Vegas, Demario and Vargas went head to head and while the fight got off to a clean start, during the fifth round, Demario decided to go rogue by biting his opponent on the shoulder.

However, the boxer wasn't disqualified for the bite and instead, was just docked a mere point, which has left some fans up in arms.

Biting isn't at all allowed during boxing matches and fighters have in the past been suspended, fined and even immediately taken out of fights on occurrence.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the decision, with one fan noting: "Point deduction? Should be disqualified with a ban. Kash Ali got a 6 month ban for the same and a possible fine if a remember correctly."

Birmingham fighter Ali was notably disqualified after he bit opponent David Price during their match in Liverpool back in 2019, as per The Guardian.

Before the fight, Ali noted: "This is my time to show all the boxing people that I’m not here to mess about. Beating someone like David will put me straight in the mix. It’s a great opportunity to show my skills, and show that I’m a real contender".

Ali was disqualified as Price won the night and reportedly declined Ali's request for a rematch.

As such, many were confused as to why Demaria was only deducted one point.

Meanwhile, others just responded with a picture of Mike Tyson laughing, seemingly a reference to Tyson infamously biting a chunk out of Evander Holyfield's ear during the third round of their 1997 match.

Speaking of the fight years later, Tyson said, as per CBS: "I bit him because I wanted to kill him. I was really mad about my head being bumped and everything."

Tyson was referencing the fact that Holyfield dominated the opening of their fight. Tyson actually bit Holyfield twice during the fight, the first time he got a two point deduction but then he went for the other ear moments later, earning him the disqualification.

Many also couldn't wrap their heads around why Demario bit his opponent in the first place, when he had already beaten Vargas to the floor twice during the fight.

However, despite these knock downs, Vargas did unanimously win the night after landing more significant blows during the match, as per Insider.

The night also saw Haven Brady Jr. take to the ring, where he continued to advance his pro record to six wins, finishing with opponent Jose Argel in the fourth round.

Featured Image Credit: Top Rank Boxing

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