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Rugby player banned for eight games after putting his finger up opponent's bum

Rugby player banned for eight games after putting his finger up opponent's bum

"Why is he smiling like that?"

A rugby player has been banned for eight games after putting his finger up his opponent's bum. You can watch a clip of the offending moment below:

Australian player Corey Norman was caught pulling the stunt on camera during his team Toulouse Olympique's match against the Warrington Wolves last week.

At the UK Super League game, the former NRL star was having a battle with Warrington's Oliver Holmes.

The pair were involved in a number of heated exchanges throughout the game, but tensions well and truly reached new heights in the second half.

After Holmes got the ball in his hand, Norman ran straight for him, only to tackle him to the ground alongside his teammate and attempt to stick his finger up his opponent's backside.

A tribunal held this week has slapped the player with a Grade F charge for 'other contrary behaviour', which includes an eight-match ban and a £500 fine.

Corey Norman has been given an eight-game ban.
News Images LTD/Alamy Stock Photo

Although Norman pleaded not guilty, the RFL said the chair of the tribunal Sarah Wright and two other side members were 'entirely satisfied' that he had intentionally placed a hand between the butt of an opposing player.

An excerpt of the ruling reads: "The footage of the incident shows a deliberate movement of Corey Norman’s left arm and hand over the top of Oliver Holmes and on to his buttocks.

"At no point does the footage show a grabbing of the shorts to push Oliver Holmes down as described by Corey Norman.

"The footage shows a deliberate placing of Corey Norman’s hands and fingers on the buttocks and coupled with the immediate complaint from Holmes, the reaction of his team-mate Danny Walker and the statement of Holmes to which we have measured regard we are entirely satisfied that this was an intentional placing of a hand between the buttocks of the opposing player and we find the charge proved."

The clip has since gone viral.

No doubt the outcome will be a major blow to Norman, as he will now miss the rest of the season as his side battles to avoid relegation from the Super League.

Over on social media, fans have been commenting on the incident, with one sharing a clip of the footage alongside the caption: "I just have 1 question after watching this Corey Norman bum poke... Why is he smiling like that?"

Another quipped: "I suppose the big question is……Did Norman trim his fingernails pre match."

"Gee I hope Corey, brought him a drink first," joked a third, while a fourth described his act as 'creepy'.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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