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Man lands brutal slap at Russian slapping championship

Man lands brutal slap at Russian slapping championship

Social media users have been left reeling after seeing the slap

Social media users have been left reeling after watching a Russian slapping champion sent a competitor to ‘another dimension’. I know you want to see how that looks, so here you go:

Vasiliy Khamotiskiy, who has the rather adorable nickname Dumpling, has become a social media star due to his unreal slapping abilities that have seen competitors knocked clean off their feet. 

The event, which has the somewhat self-explanatory name of Russian Slapping Championships, sees men going head to head, slap for slap, until one worthy winner is found and rewarded with a cash prize. 

In the clip above from a few years back, one… I’m going to say ‘brave’, but I’m not sure that’s the right word… bloke takes on former farmer Vasiliy. 

From the outset you can see that in terms of size, these guys are not a good match, but fair play to the little fella he gives it his best shot. 


He lands a slap right onto Vasiliy’s face, but honestly you’d hardly know judging by the big man’s reaction. 

At this point, the man must be taking a long hard look at all the events in his life that led up to this moment, but fair play to him he doesn’t throw in the towel and awaits his fate. 

The slap from Vasiliy is really something else - the poor bloke he hits has absolutely no chance. The force of the whack sends his hat flying off, while he stumbles backwards, almost taking the table with him, and the crowd respond with a sound that is equal parts concern and awe. 

The clip recently resurfaced on social media where people have been left in shock at Vasily’s skills. One person wrote: “I thought for a moment the big guy had knocked his head around.”


Another said: “There’s a video of big dude slapping a watermelon and it explodes. Idk who would challenge him after seeing that.”

Others thought the massive size difference between the pair was unfair, with one posting: “Tbh why did they think this was fair? This matchup is at LEAST 9-1.”

Vasiliy also went on to compete in the 2020 competition, where he took on a 6’7 Brazilian MMA fighter called Zuluzinho. 

Incredibly, the two fellas ended up tied - after neither man was able to knock out the other. 

They split the 150,000 rubles ($2,000) prize and even hugged it out at the end to show there were no hard feelings - probably a couple of sore faces, though, eh?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Best Fight Scenes

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