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World Snooker Championship halted as protester climbs on table and covers it in orange powder

World Snooker Championship halted as protester climbs on table and covers it in orange powder

The annual tournament has come to a stop as protestors unleash chaos at The Crucible in Sheffield.

Play has been halted at The Crucible Theatre this evening as Just Stop Oil protestors stormed the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield.

Covered in fluorescent orange powder, an activist climbed onto the table, interrupting the ongoing match between Joe Perry and Robert Milkins.

Despite the game having only just begun, the two men had to abandon play after the intense disruption.

It's not the first time Just Stop Oil have used disruptive tactics to get their message across, often using orange paint in targeted attacks on works of art or museums.

This time, however, the group used orange powder with two protestors invading the game shortly after the game began.

Though one person was tackled, another man was seen even climbing the snooker table whilst wearing a Just Stop Oil t-shirt, as he threw the powder around.

As the dust settled, all but two balls were covered - leaving chaos behind them.

PA / Mike Egerton

Occurring around 7:20pm, the incident has now been resolved with the protestor being removed from the venue.

However, the game has still been delayed as staff at the legendary snooker venue tried to clear the table of the fluorescent powder - even removing the balls to wipe them down.

Though the event is ongoing, Eurosport have claimed that The Crucible is holding the protestor in one of the player's dressing rooms as they await police - although The Crucible has yet to confirm this.

Meanwhile, Just Stop Oil has claimed responsibility in a statement on Twitter which read: "At around 7:20pm, two Just Stop Oil supporters have disrupted the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, interrupting play."

It went on to claim that the two individuals had been arrested, adding: "The pair proceeded to cover the tables in orange powder paint before being removed by security and arrested."


Uploaded with a clip of the chaotic scene, the footage has already been seen by over 234,000 people as snooker fans react online.

The civil disruption group also claimed that they were demanding a total ban on all 'new UK fossil fuel projects' and called on all UK sporting venues also engage in protests against the Government's 'genocidal policies'.

They also shared several links in the lengthy tweet, calling for donations and support for their online petitions.

Just Stop Oil has made similar demands via other organs-hued protests in the past, most notably throwing orange paint on a masterpiece by Van Gogh.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Egerton

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